Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friendship And Support.

Yesterday was a good day, really enjoyed seeing Antje in the afternoon, so glad that Richie had found my disabled parking permit on Tuesday night.

Meant that Antje could park right outside for nothing which is good, otherwise it is approximately 3 euro’s per hour.

She was here for 3 hours which would have cost Antje 9 euro’s for her visit to us, real relief when Richie found it between some old letters.

While Antje was here another friend, Eva came by, which was a pleasant surprise as people generally do not pop by spontaneously.

Everyone here makes appointments, these days they are easier to cope with as we do need to know when I need to be ready by.

In England, I was more used to friends popping by and surprising me, nowadays life is sadly more organised, guess it has to be with MS.

Need to let friends here know that we really would appreciate seeing them lots more, more visitors is  best, as it is not good for either of us to get too isolated.

Easy enough to do especially as we do enjoy each others company so very much, that it is easy enough to forget to organise visitors.

This was no problem when we were both working and seeing plenty of people during the day, plus we could go out in the evenings.

Life has changed so much these days having MS, that I really need to remember that in order for life to be ‘spontaneous’ I have to get organised.

First step is to let our friends know they are very welcome here and we love and appreciate their friendship and support.



Karen said...

So nice that you had friends over. My friends seem to be avoiding me since I was diagnosed with MS last year.

Organised spontaneity sounds perfect Herrad!


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Well, how about a virtual visit?
Fred and I keep up on your life.
We also look to each other. Feel like I am out of synch with others with this damn MonSter on my back even though I do work. Have a great week and hope you get surprised! Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
Horrible to hear friends have been avoiding you since you were diagnosed.
Perhaps you should invite them all around to get reaquainted with you.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit good to see your comment.
You are right MS is like a monster on our backs.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by.
Appreciate your visits and comments.

Yuki Bara said...

Hey Herrad! It's so nice to hear that you got some company! It sounds like it was a lovely time and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hoping you have a great Friday! <3


Herrad said...

Hi Rei,
Thanks for comping by.
It was good fun having friends round.
Hope your Friday is good too.

Webster said...

Healing up that bedsore has made a world of difference in your life! It's simply amazing. You sound so happy now, not just coping well, but really content. I'm so glad for you that you have visitors.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Herrad:)

I am happy to know that you had a good time with your friends.

The video was excellent.I enjoyed it.

Best wishes:)

Anonymous said...

Living about 3,000 miles away from home, surely made clear who's a friend and who's not - I'd like to thank you at this point for our friendship which already is older than a year, might even be two since first I "met" you and your site.
All the very best for you two.

daily athens

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
You are right it has made a huge difference to my life, as I am no longer confined to bed.
If only the local council advisors, who gave me the electric wheelchair had given me one in my size and with good support, the pressure sore would not have happened.
You are right I am happier these days, good to get out even better now I gave a good rain cape. .

Hi Joseph,
The visit from our two friends on Wednesday was enjoyable for us both.
Glad you liked the music.

Hi Robert,
Being far from home does make it very clear who your friends are.
I lost all my friends in Trinidad when we moved to England in 1962, I was just 11.
Do not think I ever really got over losing so many friends in one go.
Your comment is very touching tom get, than thanks to you too for your friendship and support.

Thanks to you three dear friends for coming by and leaving your comments, which were good to receive.
Have good day today.