Monday, October 25, 2010

Difficult To Wait Calmly & Patiently.

Caspar David Friedrich.

Today has been a rather cold and sunny day, had a good physiotherapy session with Mathilde, which is always good thing.

Woke up today, after sleeping soundly and the first thought in my mind was whether my catheter was still inside me or not.

As soon as I was fully awake and could move my hands I carefully slid my left hand under my left leg.

Happy days it was still dry when I brought it back out and I could smell the rose shower gel that Richie showers me inn everyday.

What a tremendous relief that was, especially to discover that the catheter had not popped out.

Good to start the day calmly, did not fancy waking up and right away being taken to the shower by Richie with top speed.

Lovely to be able to have my legs massaged, Richie does not lift my legs anymore as that was causing the catheter to pop out.

Richie got me the table over the bed and my laptop and after taking my baclofen tablets I listened to the radio and read my mail.

A much pleasanter way of waking up, than having to be taken to the shower before I was even properly awake.

Wish that I could hurry the appointment up but will do my best to stay calm and patient, probably better than getting all worked for nothing.

Staying calm and being patient is still not my strong suit, wish it were but despite everything I still find it so very difficult to wait patiently.



Friko said...

Staying calm and being patient not your strong suit, you say?
I don't think i know anyone calmer and more patient than you.

Thank you for the award and my very best wishes to you, Herrad.

Cranky said...

Harrad - sorry to read of your issues with your cath. Skip had problems with her cath coming out and explored the supra-pubic catheter as a solution. Her urologist suggested they aren't a great solution for neurogenic bladders (which Skip has) as you can still have leakage from the urethra. Instead, Skip went from a 10cc bubble to a 30cc bubble and that solved the problem.

I'm not trying to suggest the SP isn't the right solution for you, but an increase in the bubble size for the Foley may be just the trick to solve your problem.

Good luck no matter what approach you take. It must be quite unnerving to have the cath pull out at the slightest provocation.

Libby said...

ms patients should NEVER have to wait calmly & patiently for anything!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice picture! So hard to wait. Have a great week! Love, Mary

Karen said...

Waiting is difficult. But you can't make time move any faster, so staying calm is a great idea. When I am waiting for something that seems to be taking forever to arrive, I always think...well this time next week, (month etc), I will looking back, and the waiting will be in the past.

Diane J Standiford said...

Always something, right? I agree with Friko, you show are great with the virtue of patience. Calm is often an illusion.

Ana said...

I have to learn a lot from you Herrad.
I wish you all the patient and calm you can have.

Herrad said...

Hi Friko,
Thanks for your kind words, glad you liked the award.

Hi Cranky,
Thanks for your visit and comment, never heard of a neurogenic bladder what is that.
Worried that I would have to keep increasing the bubble size which is quite unpleasant already at 20cc.
It is worrying that it keeps coming out.

Hi Libby,
Thanks for your comment needed that.

Hi Mary,
Thanks,hope your week is good too.

Hi Diane,
You are right calm is often an illusion.

Hi Karen,
Thanks for that, you are right this time next week is good to remember.

Hi Ana,
Thanks for your kind words.

Thanks you 7 friends for coming by, good to see your comments.