Friday, October 15, 2010

Will Do Whatever It Takes.

Snapshot of me in August, 2008

Strange day today, dark dull rainy day outside had to put the light on this morning at 10.00 that is how dark it was.

Slept well just not long enough, it was only just light when I woke up and sadly could not fall asleep again, no matter how many pleasant fantasies I had.

Could not achieve the bliss of a couple more hours sleep, did have some great fantasies like floating down a river in a rowing boat with Richie.

Being in a light house looking out at a wild sea and watching the light beam from the light playing over the water.

Lovely fantasies but no sleep not even for a second, hate that every time I am nearly relaxed my arm muscles contract and I find that my arms try to fold over my breasts.

Then I have to work hard to unclasp my arms, straighten my fingers and get my arms down by my side.

By which time I am totally wide awake and the whole cycle repeats, I relax and my arms do the same painful thing, my legs also start to have almost gentle vibrating spasms.

In the end just lay in bed trying to relax and enjoy being on a beach in Trinidad which was pleasant.

My arms were so painful and stiff that it took me ages to get them out from under the duvet, hurt like hell, eventually it worked.

Once Richie helped me to straighten my right arm I could hold on to the handle above my bed and start my arm exercises.

My arms are getting incredibly painful, especially notice this when I am outside these days, this means that I have to work hard to get anywhere.

Had not thought that my arms would be like this certainly not now but guess as with everything with this shitty disease I will have to accept and deal with it the best I that can.   

And I will, have already started by speaking to Johanneke about other ways of steering the chair, good to get action now as these things take months here and I do not want to be stuck indoors.

Will do whatever it takes to keep mobile and keep happy.



Anonymous said...

Much respect for you.

Please have a good start into the weekend.

Cathy said...

I think it's time I tell you a secret: (you're one of my heroes) Now: I haven't been blogging as you know, but found a nice niche on Facebook, I don't do the game-thing, I just blog only not as lengthy and stuffy lol. Still doing astro stuff, have you caught the show on Jupiter this month? I put a video up on FB of the occultation if you wanna see it, just go back a few pages and see a few of them if ya want. Namaste my friend.
O yeah: My full name is Cathy Rapicano, on FB Here, copy and paste it:!/profile.php?id=100000261996153

JC said...

I'm thinking of you ...

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Good to see your comment, hope you have a pleasant weekend.

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for coming by, found your photos on Face Book.
Your comment really moved me, thanks for your kind words.

Hi JC,
Thanks for thinking about me, I often think of you too.

Thanks to you three dear friends for visiting and leaving comments.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Nancy said...

Love and light. I hope your arms begin to feel better.

Muffie said...

Hi, Herrad,
I get the same response with my right arm/hand when I wake up. Now the leg is waking me up as well. I often look to you for inspiration -- you always seem to find the light in the dreariest places. Hope you have a pleasant, albeit cold and rainy, day.

Herrad said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for your good wishes, wish my arms would get better too sadly think they won't get better but worse.

Hi Muff,
Horrible isn't it waking up with fingers twisted up and hands,legs going mad, pretty painful.
Thanks for your kind comment, important I feel to make the best of my life wherever possible.

Thanks to you both for coming by and leaving your comments.
Have a pleasant day.

janis said...

Hi Herrad! Popped in during lunch, (still trying to get caught up in blog world). Love the photo! You are adorable~ So nice to have a face to go with your Blog. Looks as though I may have more time to blog soon. My job is ending in two weeks. sigh... Oh Well, God has something else planned for me I guess.
Love to you~ Hope you get some sunnier days soon!

Have Myelin? said...

I love how you blog with raw honesty.

Hope you have a good week!

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Take it easy getting back into the blog world.
Good to see your comment.

Hi Sherry,
So do you, only way to be.

Thanks to you two dear friends for coming by.