Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spike Is Over The Moon.

George Grie.

Lost Beauty of Disharmony
The perception of other cultures advanced by Surrealism and its various offshoots may be separated into an aestheticized, romantic and highly idealized vision on the one hand, and an anti-idealist, transgressive, materialist notion on the other - what Krauss terms a ‘soft’ and a ‘hard’ primitivism respectively (Krauss 1984). Whilst the way in which the Surrealists used primitive artefacts and ideas can be seen to be subversive in its intentions, the work of the two dissidents, Leiris and Bataille, take this radicalism one step further by grounding it in a more rigorously informed perception of non-Western culture. If Leiris’s writing can be seen as a subversion of traditional anthropological theory, Bataille’s work subverts all methods of sociological analysis. The two may be characterized by an essential reflexivity - by a refusal to confine the study of anthropology to non-Western or exotic culture: instead both ‘ethnograph’ their own cultural realities. In so doing, any distinction between sociology (as the study of industrialized societies) and anthropology (as the study of non-Western societies) dissolves.
George Grie,  October 1998

Started taking Urispas tablets 3 x a day, they have been prescribed by my doctor; they are anti bladder spasms medicine.

They seem to be working quite well already, as I had a peaceful night’s sleep last night, luckily no late night early morning chatters keeping us awake all night.

Good to fall asleep with very little problems, really pleasant, also very good that I man aged to fall asleep again twice when I woke up a couple of times.

Spike was waiting right by my bed for his 5 minutes morning cuddle up on the bed with me, he is so sweet the way he hangs about waiting for us to finish doing arm and leg exercises.

As soon as we are finished Spike starts squeaking and trying to get up on the bed, once he is up on the bed he cuddles up and wants me to tickle his chest and under his right ear.

After a moment or two he starts to lick my hands very seriously after 5 to ten minutes he wants to get off again and do dog things like playing with his toys.

Just had the letter from the Animal Clinic with confirmation of the appointment on Friday, 12 October.

A friend, Cecile will come around on the 12th at 11.00 and 12.00 to give me a drink and a sandwich, will organise someone else to come by at 09.00 to give me a drink and some fruit.

Good to organise a back up in case someone can’t make it, the appointment is for three hours, plus travelling time, expect them home around 15.00.

Well getting up now, the sun is trying to shine now which makes a very pleasant change, shall enjoy the afternoon, the dogs have new toys today.

They are both running around happily shaking and squeaking their new, Spike is over the moon, running around happily with Marleen.     


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend...
Good to read that you are resting well and the meds are working.

You do sound very organized, something I am working on. Thank you for sharing you life with me.

Have a fabulous weekend

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Thanks for your visit and comment was good to see.
Hope you are having a fine weekend.