Sunday, October 03, 2010

Enjoying The Sunshine.


August Macke.

We were up quite late last night as we watched Later with Jools, really enjoyed some of the acts enormously.

It had been raining all evening and it was still doing so after the program had finished, as Richie had turned the light off I could hear the steady downpour outside.

Had been wondering whether I would fall asleep easily, the last couple of nights I was ready to drift off but each time could not quite do it.

That was because each time my nose got so bunged up that I could not breath through it, this stopped me falling asleep easily.

I always have a handkerchief right in front of me, on top of the duvet with a few drops of eucalyptus on it to help keep me breathing well.

Took ages for it to work, think that is because I have a tendency to open my mouth when I start to relax and drift off, which gives me a problem breathing through my nose.

Difficult to stop myself doing this as stopping myself means being aware which then stops me drifting off to sleep.

Last night somehow I managed to do this without becoming too awake in the process which was really good.

Before I knew it I was asleep and slept very well until I started to slowly wake up, must have slightly moved my arms which resulted in my arms and hands cramping up.

This resulted in both my hands, especially my right hand clenching up into tight fists with my finger nails digging in to the palms of my hand.

Not a nice way to wake, Richie responded right away to my calls for help, he came over and prised my fingers out and rubbed and massaged my hands and arms.

So that they were more relaxed and my fingers could be easily stretched out and I could use them again.

This helped me do my arm exercises after which my hands and arms were not as painful anymore as they had been when I woke.

Feels good and has helped me to write and publish this post and to enjoy the sunshine and the day today.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Thank goodness Richie could massage your hands, how awful to wake up like that (or have that at all).

I'll be hoping for good news about Spike's blood work too, and yes try not to worry too much is a good idea.

Have a pleasant evening!!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It is good Richie can massage my hands and arms.
It is horrible waking like that.
Thanks,we are both hoping for good news too.

Herrad said...
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