Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Keeping It Brief.


Today was very busy; we were awake at 08.00 so that Richie could shower me at 08.30 to be ready for 10.00 when the IPaq Home Servant people were due.

They got here at 09.45 instead of 10.00 which were ok as we were just ready, they were here until 15.00.

By which time we were both very tired from watching them work, luckily they did sort out several problems so that is good stuff indeed.

They will come back as soon as my new bed will be here which should be quite soon now, as I got the confirmation today that my health insurance has agreed.

Halfway through we had to go quickly to the bathroom as the catheter had slipped into the wrong position.

Happened again after Richie put me back into bed, lifting my legs to put the straps from the hoist under me seems to cause the catheter to pop out.                          

Tomorrow I should hear from my doctor whom I have asked to phone the hospital and explain my situation and the urgency.

Am rather tired this evening so will keep this very brief and post after I have found a picture.    

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