Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Important Job

Kathe Kollowitz.
This morning started off with a rather unpleasant phone call from Ria, an employee of Arjo Huntleigh, the company who supplied me with the Nimbus 3 mattress.

Ria called me yesterday and we agreed that 11.00 was a good time for her to come round to do her important job, as I needed to get up at 11.30.

She called me two months ago to say, that she had to come by and check that the mattress was still ok, she wanted to come round between 10.00 and 11.00 the next day.

When I told her I had an appointment the next day, for 5 hours from 10.00 until 15.00, she said she would call me back the next week.  

Then I never heard a word until yesterday, should have phoned the company when she had not rung back, as she tried to say, that she had to wait ages to check the bed because of me.

As if it were my fault she had not got back to me before, she said that she had previously called me some weeks ago, seemed surprised when I told her it was actually two months ago.  

 This morning I expected her to be here at 11.00, instead she called at 11.05 to say that she would be late, by 20 to 30 minutes.

As I needed to get out of bed at precisely 11.30 to be ready for an appointment at 12.30, I asked if we could reschedule the appointment, but this was absolutely not possible.

All her visit entails is her coming by and asking me if the mattress was still satisfactory and leaving again, she does nothing else, so asked her if she could not do it over the phone.

Ria’s response was to tell me if she could not come by today, I would run the risk of losing the mattress as it was imperative she made the visit.

She finally got here at 11.45 and asked me if the mattress was still satisfactory, when I said yes she ticked a box and left, all that for 2 minutes surely a phone would have been enough.


Tracey's Life said...

Un-freaking believable!!! I am so sorry that you had to go through this. People who work with individuals such as yourself need to have more sensitivity to timing issues.

I get it, I understand it, I am only sorry that most of the world does not.

I hope you have a better tomorrow Herrad

Webster said...

My God, that is a woman who doesn't care about doing her job. At the very least she should have taken a closer look at your mattress and even sat upon it, or laid on top of your bed (with your permission, of course). Check the controls, etc. Then check the box and wish you a nice day. It wouldn't have taken more than 10 minutes. And she would have had a lot more information. That is, if she cared.

Glad your appointments didn't overlap.

Joan said...

Bureaucracy is the same all over you always have to fit in with it. Sorry to hear you had all this bother in the morning it is upsetting. Take care Love Joan