Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Organised.

Keith Tyson.

Today started well, woke almost gently think that is because I am getting used to feeling everything tighten up and become painful as soon as I wake up.

Richie did my leg exercises after I had done my arm exercises, then he set me up with the table and my laptop and he had a quick shower.

I settled down to reading my mail, listening to the radio and thinking about various things I needed to organise.

Did not get as far as writing today’s post, as suddenly I felt that the catheter had moved slightly, so I called Richie.

He popped it back in and hoisted me out of bed and took me through to the shower in the shower chair.

Had an excellent shower and Richie dressed me and sprayed me with Jean Paul Gaultier perfume and put earrings in and a couple of pretty bracelets on my wrist and a sparkly brooch and I was ready.

My session with Mathilde went well, although I noticed that my right arm was much more difficult to lift up to my head.

Richie and I had some lunch after my physiotherapy session and we were all set to go out and enjoy the sunshine when I felt the catheter start to move again.

Decided right away that this was happening to often now and for no good reason, had to accept that this is the moment when I needed to get the supra pubic catheter put in.
Before we went to the bathroom I called our doctor and asked her assistant to get Dagma to call me back after her last appointment.   

Dagma called just after Richie had popped the catheter back in and had got me back into the wheelchair.                              

Asked Dagma to organise an out patients appointment for me as quickly as possible to get the new catheter which I now urgently need.

Cried a lot also while talking to our doctor as I am pretty scared about any surgical intervention.

But it is now obvious that I need to get the supra pubic catheter done so I do not need to worry about my catheter popping out.

Feel worried about the procedure and at the same time relieved that it will happen soon, would rather enjoy life without having to worry about things such as catheters.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope it goes smoothly too, try not to worry too much, I understand the anxiety.


steve said...

Though the procedure seems scary, it turned out to be an essential assistive device giving BR greater independence. Now that you are a woman about town (yipee!), it makes perfect sense to want greater confidence that accidents will be kept to a minimum.


Anonymous said...

I have been "officially" living with MS since May 2006, but likely since I was born. I have had everything from complete bladder and bowel incontinence, to not knowing how to speak. After a good year of chemotherapy, almost everything came back (albeit only temporarily).

I hope you find the right treatment at the right time to help you get back into the swing of things. Living with MS and becoming a disabled person is no fun. Or is it?

The perks:
1. You don't have to hike stairs anymore and you have a valid excuse to take the elevator
2. Handicapped parking
3. Discounts on a multitude of activities and events
4. Depending on where you live - funding full or partial for an adequate place to live
5. You don't have to strive to be the best... You simply ARE the best.

Webster said...

Herrad, I know you are worried about the SP Catheter surgery, but it as a fairly simple procedure. The first time I had it done I had to be hospitalized because it stirred up an infection that was in my bladder and that gave me a fever. Also, because I am a fat girl, I had to have it done a second time for better placement (a little lower) under my roll of fat. This time I took three days of antibiotics before surgery and it remained an outpatient procedure.

I am concerned that you have put this off so long that your urethra has eroded enough that you may continue leaking even with the SP Catheter. PLEASE discuss this with your doctor to see what may be done to prevent that possibility.

Other than that, I think you will be happy with the SP Cath. instead of a regular foley. Once all is healed post surgery, I think Richie could learn to change the cath. easily.

Best of luck to you with this.

Diane J Standiford said...

I have read people say it changed their life--IN A GOOD WAY! I am betting you will be very relieved when it is over and you will have a new freedom with less worry and fears! This is the beginning of a new life! I hope after just a few years DX that you are getting solumedrol often. As Anon mentioned, the first years are HELL, but function CAN return, Don't give uo hope!

Gareth said...

Hi folks just sending BIG STRENGTH LOVE @ CHEESE :) G@PXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It is scary hate the idea of a hole in my body but it needs to be done now.

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your comment appreciate any info I can get about the procedure.

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks for your comment, chemotherapy for MS sounds very extreme to me, glad it helped you.
I wish I could walk up stairs again, as I have Primary Progressive MS my loss of functions will sadly not return, there is also no treatment for PPMS.
Discount for activities and events are not applicable to me not seeing how handicapped I am now and getting worse too.
Good to meet you, although strange to not address you by your name.

Hi Webster,
Thanks tor your informative comment, good to get as much info as possible.
There are no leaks and only when the catheter pops out do I get wet.
I shall discuses this with the urologist when I see her.
How quickly does it heal and how does it feel during and after healing?

Hi Diane,
Hope too that it will give me a better life with no more worries about the catheter.
I have never had Solumedrol or any other meds apart from baclofen for spasms.
Not aware function can return with PPMS, know it does with RRMS.

Hi Gareth,
Thanks lots of love to you too.

Thanks you 6 dear friends for coming by and leaving your supportive comments.