Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Day Of Two Halves.

Damien Hirst.

Strange weather today, it started with a glimmer of sun, even though it was not the brightest of days it was pleasant.

Richie told me that it was mild weather despite it not looking like it could be; which was good news for going out, sadly it started to rain and then poured down for awhile.

This did not worry me too much as tomorrow is another day, another day means another chance and the weather forecast says it will be mild and dry.

For my brunch I fancied anchovy paste on toast, so Richie whizzed up a tin of anchovies with abit of red paprika, garlic, olive oil and a dash of hot pepper sauce.

Richie also made a delicious lasagne for our dinner tonight which was tasty and wonderfully light yet filling.

Tomorrow Wilma from Wi-Care will be here at 12 noon to measure me for my rain cape, looking forward to her visit very much.  

Wonder what colours she has for me to choose from, hope that I can get a cape made with a fleece lining that can be removed in the summer.

That would be good as it rains a lot here in Amsterdam, so I do need a cape that I can use all year round.

Really excited about the appointment with Wilma, guess that despite being excited I better wait until tomorrow, but it is good fun to speculate about colours and materials today.

This afternoon and evening has been very pleasant, mind you spending time with Richie and the dogs always is lovely.

Despite the pain and needing Richie to regularly reposition me in bed and my feet constantly slipped off the foot rests due to small spasms I felt pretty good and cheerful today


Gareth said...

Hi folks popping by to Say HELLO from Wales. The lasgna sounds yummy.
Us back from trip to Bristol and got Van load of records have brought in 24 boxes of singles and got Albums to take and store at the Farm tomorrow. Got a stinky cold with soar throat so using lots of the throat spray Sooothing Aahhhh. Wishing you a good nights sleep and hope you geta funky coloured cape:) LOVE to ALL GXXX

Bibliotekaren said...

I vote for a brilliant red cape!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Indeed a challenge, being "complete".

Please have a good Thursday you all.

daily athens

Karen said...

Oh, you are so lucky to have a partner that can cook! What colours have you chosen for your rain cape? Something bright and cheery to match your personality!

Webster said...

Anchovy paste on toast - Aacchhh!!! Stop Herrad, you're giving me nightmares!

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Hope you get better real soon, drink lots and squeeze lemon juice add honey and hot water for a soothing drink.
Have fun with the records.
The lasagna was delicious, getting a purple cape.

Hi Donna,
The red was not bright enough so choose purple which is a good strong colour.

Hi Robert,
You are right it is a great challenge.
Good to see your comment.

Hi Karen,
Richie is brilliant he does everything well you are right I am lucky to have him.
A good strong purple is what I have decided on.

Hi Webster,
It was very good sorry it gave you such a shock.

Thanks you 5 lovely friends for coming by real good to see your comments.