Saturday, October 02, 2010

Enjoying Today.

Rene Magritte.

Been doing very well not actively worrying about Spike and what the blood test will tell us on Monday afternoon.

Feel pretty pleased with myself for being able to not let worrying dominate my life and ruin the weekend.

Not always easy to not worry, think that is one of the most difficult things to do, but one of the best things for me to do.

Makes life so much easier and better than if I were totally frazzled now by going over the top with worrying about every possible permutation of what could possibly happen next.

MS has certainly showed me that worrying and second guessing the future is not a good idea.

It just adds to my stress which is the last thing that I need, I need as little preferably no stress at all in my life.

The MS is already more than enough without me making it so much more worse by worrying, if I start to worry it is difficult to stop.

Difficult not to consider all aspects and before I know it I am very upset, have learned now that when I catch myself doing this I just say stop now to myself
And I do stop right away; it has made my life much pleasanter being able to stop myself getting upset about things that have yet to happen.

For me being right here right now and not worrying about the future is the best option for me and the one I like the best.

Like the fact that instead of using my energy negatively I can use it to be positive, just then the sun has started to shine going to post his and enjoy today.


Libby said...

herrad, just enjoy a day with sun, don't'll just make yourself worse, & it seems like, if somebody else in the house is having blood tests, he'll probably need YOU to stay well...i havent read any other posts yet, but i just caught a line about spike & blood tests, so i wanna go back & read...& you stop over to my place & see what's up here! {hugs to you & spike!]

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for coming by, I did enjoy the sun and did not worry.
Spike is in good form today, very cuddly and affectionate.
Hope Tif's birthday is good.
Take care.