Monday, October 04, 2010

Still Optimistic Despite The MS.


“Ten Blue Eyes”
New raw art, surrealism, expressionism.
Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum.
Had a pleasant day yesterday even though I was in quite alot of pain, my hands and arms cramping up and locking together woke me up, together with a big spasm.

Funny how I have got used to living with pain, glad it does not stop me being myself and being cheerful and optimistic.

But it does give me a lot to struggle against in order to be able to be myself which is always positive.

Guess it is not too difficult to do because I am very cheerful and optimistic by nature; nothing seems to change that which is brilliant.

Good to see that even this horrible disease that has taken me on such a horrible trip where around every corner there is yet another nasty surprise, has not diminished me.

Being myself is very important for me and now that I am wearing earrings and brooches and necklaces again, I feel even more me.

I enjoy wearing my pretty sparkly things again and getting Richie to spray me with perfume, have to stock up on some new ones soon as I am down to my last two bottles.

The Lolita Lempicka and Jean Paul Gaultier are the ones I still have, my Christian Dior three Poisons perfumes and the Kylie Minogue and Roma by Laura Baggio and the Angel are all finished as is the gorgeous Escada.

I enjoy perfume and my jewellery too much to let MS stop me enjoying them; they are so much part of me now that when I do not wear them it feels very strange.

For the first year in bed I did not wear any jewellery or perfume which contributed to making me quite depressed.

Since end of April this year I have been able to sit intermittently in my wheelchair and started putting on earring and perfume which really helped my mood enormously.

Now I wear them everyday and feel truly me once more and that is good despite the MS.


Muffie said...

Oh, Herrad, what a wonderful outlook you have. Even in your pain you manage to shine so much beauty on all of us. Thank you.
Tell Richie to take some pix of the bling you're wearing!!

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I'm glad you're again enjoying your jewelry and perfume. I love perfume and body sprays, am a perfume-junkie at heart. The only time I've gone w out is when they say not to wear for a mammogram (perfume)and it feels odd.

Anyway, I like the Escada too. Have you tried 'Romance' by Ralph Lauren?

I also like plumeria based perfumes.

Have a good night


Pretty Zesty said...

Glad to hear things are getting better! Hows the weather? Getting cold?

Unknown said...

I've said it once, i'll say it again - u truly are an inspiration...

Gareth said...

Watcha H wonderfull to read your upbeat message and that your in good spirits. Will keep me eye out for some Bling for you :) Us good off to Bristol tommorow to collect Pauls vinyl and stuff so we are moving onwards and upwards.

Nancy said...

I'm so glad perfume and jewelry make you feel good. Before my aunt passed away she asked for Poison perfume. She liked it, too.

mortonlake said...

thanks for award herrad,not been feeling well,so havent been reading many blogs.its important to try and feel as "normal",huh,as possible,so you are doing the right take care,love mort xxx

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
Thanks for your kind comment, I try to stay positive despite everything sometimes that is difficult to do.

Hi Stephany,
It is good fun, nice to hear you like perfume too.
Have never tried Ralph Lauren will see if the local shops have him.
What are plumeria perfumes?

Hi Kris,
The weather is dry right now, the sun is not as warm anymore expect it to get cooler soon.

Hi S.S-O,
Thanks and so are you an inspiration.

Hi Gareth,
Hope you both enjoyed collecting Paul's belongings, things its brilliant.

Hi Nancy,
It is good fun glad I have decided to enjoy it again.
Poison is a lovely fragrance.

Hi Mort,
Hope you are feeling better now, take care.

Thanks to you 7 dear friends for coming by really appreciate your coming by.