Thursday, October 14, 2010

Relaxed Day Today.


Pursuit of Happiness 1997
From "South Carolina" Series

Kristina Pardue.
Abstract, surreal, expressionist artist.

Slept well last night, after the incredibly tiring day yesterday with two software nerds from RTD Het Dorp.

The appointment started with a bang when one of the men claimed that despite my getting a new bed soon, I had given the ok for them to add their device to the bed.

When I said I had not done so, he told me that was not true as his colleague said I had told him they could go ahead.

I said that there had been no communication about the bed, not until they had done it as they just came in and went into the bedroom without telling us anything.

I told them as soon as I was knew, that they had done the bed that I was getting a new bed; this was when he took my wheelchair table and drilled holes in it for the IPaq stand.

This was even after I told him it was not mine just on loan until mine was made to measure for me.

He ignored me and drilled four holes in the Perspex; Harm from Welzorg who came by the next day was very annoyed about this.

Luckily Johanneke, my occupational therapist was here for an hour from 10.00 to 11.00 so she went through my list of things with them that needed adjustments.

Good she was here as it got quite unpleasant when I was told that I was not being truthful and I countered that it was the colleague who was being untruthful not me.

Richie saved the day by reminding the man and us that he was there for business and it might be good to get on with it which they did.  

Great when they left at 15.00 and we were able to recover from the ordeal of two men being here for five hours.

Nice relaxed and pleasant day today.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Have been thinking about you both. We are so reliant on whoever walks through the door. Their supervisor should be informed so they do not go around precios items. Have they ever heard of clamps?
Always feel comfortable insisting someone like that stop and leave now or you can call police.
That was an act of assault. The chair is technically an extension/aide for your body.
I am p*ssed at them for you. In US you could sue them. Having the impressive remnants of hurricane Paula. Has been spinning around and pouring all day. I got new shoes and orthotics today. Much better walking and knees don't hurt now. The wench at shoe store made me stand outside until 10 am. I was there 5 minutes early standing under the roof but driving rain still hitting me. She said, how are you today? I said cold and wet! So have a great day and hope those people go work in the sewer. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Marym
Thanks for your thoughts and anger about the rude people on Wednesdqay.
The woman at3 the shop soundsq pretty rude too, she could surely have let you in 5 minutes earlier?!
Have a good weekend.