Saturday, October 06, 2012

A truly wonderful visit.

Roberto Mattta

Aud left us at 13.00 this afternoon, which was very sad, especially for Richie who immediately said that he was very upset and already missing his lovely big sister.

I am not surprised at all by his reaction to her leaving, as it's been a truly wonderful visit which went much too quickly.

Having Aud staying here with us since the 26th of September has been so good for the three of us.

I have enjoyed Aud being here with us, she is a truly lovely woman who is a real pleasure to have around.

I could see that both Richie and Aud were enjoying getting to know each other again and I was enjoying getting to know her better.

While she has been here Aud has been very supportive of Richie, she has been helping him to get on top of everything in the apartment.

The whole time she has been here Aud has been washing up and cleaning doors, cupboards, shelves and everything else too.

Now our apartment is clean and tidy and looking wonderful again, and Richie can now move on, which was Aud’s intention.

I can't find the words to fully express how I feel about what Aud has done for both of us during her visit.

Her practical help has been invaluable but what has been even better has been having her staying with us, her presence and her lovely fun personality.

No wonder we are both already missing her like crazy, as are the dogs however I'm sure that she will come back to visit us very soon.

That is indeed a lovely prospect which is pleasant to look forward to already now.

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steve said...

I'm so glad to hear that Richie got a boost from his sister's visit.