Thursday, October 11, 2012

What a relief.

Roberto Matta

It has been quite exhausting having two people working all day for two days in the apartment to install the air conditioning unit.

The dogs seem to think that they were here solely to play with them, so they had to be kept away from them if the installation was to go well.

When we were in the shower, Richie put the dogs in the spare bedroom so that Andre and Robert could carry on working without interruption by dogs.

Luckily the installation went well which was a relief, tomorrow Andre will be back to do the final touches, after which the installation is complete.

Because of all the activity of the last couple of days, we totally forgot that Miranda, the wound nurse from the rehabilitation clinic would be here 12.30.

She will be coming in place of Milou, who is on holiday right now in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, where she is hopefully enjoying herself.

Miranda seemed a very pleasant person as well as a competent nurse, she will be back to see me again in two weeks time.

She was pleased with the progress the wound is making, which makes me feel hopeful that I will be sitting again, something that I was losing my belief in.

After she had gone, Richie and I talked about Cyril's sudden problems with walking, there seems to be something wrong with his right shoulder.

We immediately called the vet and made an appointment for this afternoon at 15.00 for Richie to take him for examination.

They had only just gone when Mathilde, my physiotherapist arrived for our appointment, she was upset to hear about Cyril's walking problems.

Just before she was about to leave Richie arrived back Cyril and he could immediately reassure us that there was nothing seriously wrong with him.

According to the vet it was just a sprained shoulder which should ease off after a couple of days, she did prescribe painkillers.

As well as advised Richie to keep Cyril on the lead for a few days when out in the park, in order to avoid any more strains on the shoulder muscles.

It was a relief to hear the vet prognosis, we were all very happy to know that Cyril should be all right in a few days time.

Richie has taken our three dogs for a walk in the Vondelpark, which I hope will be enjoyable for them; I'm looking forward to hearing all about it on return.

My plan for this evening is to take it very easy; after I've found a painting by Roberto Matta I shall place this on my blog and enjoy the evening with Richie.

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