Friday, October 05, 2012

Asking for reassurance.

Roberto Matta

I really can't believe that today is Friday, it is amazing how time flies when everyone is enjoy  ing themselves.

I'm really enjoying Aud being here, so nice to have the chance to get to know her better.

This afternoon my good friend Anja came over to visit with me, lovely to see her, especially because she was happy and looking very good.

it was an extremely enjoyable visit, just when she was on the point of leaving I asked her for reassurance that she wasn't visiting out of duty.

She immediately said that it was not like that at all, she was coming to visit me because she enjoyed spending time with me.

Something that I did feel was so but nevertheless at the same time I also needed to be reassured that I was not a burden or a duty.

it was good for me to hear Anja's response, she also told me that she got a lot out of coming to see me that it was not a one-way street.

Before she said goodbye she told me that she loved me, which was very moving for me to hear her say this to me.

I'm so glad to have such a good friend like Anja is, and I'm also happy that I asked her for reassurance.

After Anja left I felt so much better, it's good to spend time with friends, old friends as well as new ones.


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