Saturday, October 20, 2012

All that glitters is not gold.

Roberto Matta.

Yesterday was a really lovely day which sadly can't be said about today which is a total contrast to sunny Friday.

Both of us are tired today, because we stayed up until the early hours, this is okay once in a while, however we've been doing it too much lately.

The English media have reported that the Jimmy Saville enquiry is now a criminal investigation.

At this moment there are more 200 victims and police are currently investigating suspects who are still alive.

The only name that has been mentioned so far has been that of Gary Glitter, who is reported to have raped a young girl, together with Jimmy Saville.

A thoroughly unsavoury affair which could cause lots of damage to the people who protected Jimmy Saville during his 60 years of abusing young girls.

Horrible to think that this vile individual was given so many honours during his lifetime, it is another example that if you're well connected you can get away with anything.

Hopefully the Jimmy Saville horror story will educate organisations as well as individuals to stop protecting offenders at the cost of everyone else.

I always thought the Jimmy Saville was unpleasantly but I had no idea he was so nasty, it was. Quite a shock to find out that he was such a predator of young women.

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