Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Celebrate My Victory

Roberto Matta.

Last night we got a bit carried away enjoying talking and laughing together that we lost track of time and went to bed far too late, in the early hours.

Sheer madness, but we were quite elated after Richie found two usable small wardrobes which had been left out for the rubbish collectors.

They will look very good once they've been cleaned, painted and are full of clothes as well as sheets and towels.

Because we did not go to sleep until 03.00 but had to be up for the installation of the air conditioning at 08.00 this morning.

It was quite a shock to have to be awake and ready at such an early hour, after only such a short nights sleep.

The drilling was just as noisy as we thought it would be, however they have done to all now so tomorrow they will be working on the electrics.

Another early start in the morning for us, which I'm sure we will manage just as we did today, the only difference, will be that we will go to sleep much earlier tonight.

It has been an incredibly tiring day, but the payoff is that the air conditioning installation is half done, tomorrow it will be completed.

Shame that the Amsterdam Council prevaricated for so long after I won my appeal against them for refusing me air conditioning on the 15th of May.

they are always more concerned with refusing applications in order I think to save money and end up spending much more than it would have cost.

Right now I don't care; all that matters is that the air conditioning unit will be installed by tomorrow afternoon.

The next time the weather gets hot I will no longer have to suffer instead I will be able to keep cool, I'm looking forward to using it next summer.

Tonight I'm going to celebrate getting air conditioning despite Amsterdam Council doing everything to prevent me from getting this vital equipment.

A tiny nip of Trinidad VAT 19 rum will be what I shall be toasting my victory which overruled Amsterdam Council’s arbitrary refusals.

Together with the rum I will be savouring the fact that I won the case, I am hoping that many more disabled people will be able to benefit from this.


Webster said...

Well, finally. Now you're ready for next year. Let's hope for an early Spring and Summer.

Karen said...

Cheers to you and the new air conditioning!