Friday, October 12, 2012

Tired But Happy.

Roberto Matta.

Thursday night I slept very well so much so that I was quite sleepy when I woke up, which was quite pleasant.

Both Richie and I decided to take it easy and work our way slowly through my exercise routine before going to the bathroom.

We thought that we had plenty of time to do everything and be ready by four o'clock for Andre to come back to do the finishing touches on the air conditioning installation.

Instead just as we were going to go to the bathroom, Andre and his assistant Richard arrived to do the final bits of work.

This delayed us as we could not go to the bathroom until they were finished, which was not as quickly as we had hoped it would be.

Because of this we did not get to the bathroom until gone 16.30 when they finally had completed the air conditioning installation.

So by the time Richie had showered, dried, dressed me and got me sitting in a good position in the bed it was nearly 19.00.

By that time all I wanted to do was get this written down, after which I found in other painting by Roberto Matta.

I decided that as it was 20.00 I would not carry on; instead I saved everything and proceeded to shut down my laptop for the night.

A very good decision which meant that we had a pleasant relaxed evening which concluded with watching our favourite music program Later with Jools Holland on BBC two.

Last night we enjoyed listening to great performances by John Cale, as well as a good band The Vaccines and Beth Hart a good singer, piano player.

It was a very enjoyable way to end what was quite a tiring week for both Richie as well as me; we were both tired but happy.


Gareth said...

Hi there folks, great to read about Auds visit and all the support she gave to you both also great stuff finaly to get the Air-co fitted. Wow what a tiring but productive week.

All ok with Us except for Colds. Autumn has just landed and the trees are looking beautiful in the Autumn sunshine the colour are amazing, have been tidying up the garden, pruning some shrubs, Off to folks for sunday lunch tomorrow


Diane J Standiford said...

HAPPY--all that matters at the end of a day.