Monday, October 15, 2012

The Revelations Keep Coming.

Roberto Matta.

For the last three weeks radio, TV and newspapers in England have been full of revelations about Jimmy Saville a well-known celebrity molesting and raping young girls.

Jimmy Saville died a year ago, before he died there were rumours circulating about him abusing young girls, however there were no allegations against him.

Which was not surprising as he was regarded by many people as something of an untouchable, because of his tireless work fund raising for charities.

Jimmy Saville was well connected; he was friendly with Margaret Thatcher and therefore quite likely also with Rupert Murdoch, the owner of several newspapers who was close to Thatcher.

Two of those papers, The News of the World and The Sun were always exposing paedophiles but surprisingly they never ran any stories about Saville, I wonder why.

The first stories were of Saville molesting girls of 14 who appeared on his program on BBC called; Jim will fix it as well as during his time as a dj at Radio 1.

He also seems to have molested patients at Leeds hospital one of which was brain-damaged, the other had a spinal injury and was also in a wheelchair.

As well vulnerable girls in care homes and girls in an approved school, even inmates at Broadmoor, where he was given an official role on a committee to reorganise the management of Broadmoor.

These stories are all very un-pleasant and what makes it worse is finding out that Saville had been doing this for 60 years.

The first incident occurred in the 1950s, in those years Jimmy Saville ran music halls all over the North of England for the young people.

He was the first person to use two turntables together to produce non-stop music for people to dance to; this introduced mobile discos.

Apparently in 1971 there was an inquest into the suicide of a young dancer on a popular music program Top of the Pops on which Saville often was the presenter.

He was a witness, who was sadly never called to give his evidence or to be questioned; now it seems that this was an opportunity missed.

Maybe if he had been caught back then, all his victims from 1971 until just before his death in 2011 would have been spared.

Right now police speak of 60 victims and more than 340 lines of enquiry and who knows how many more victims of Jimmy Saville may be.

It is a thoroughly unpleasant case which highlights the fact that vulnerable people who should have been protected were abused.

While others who should have been exposed were protected by what seems to be almost a conspiracy of silence that surrounds child abuse.

I think it is time that everyone talks about child sexual abuse maybe that will be the way that we become educated and aware of how widespread it really is.

The Jimmy Saville case has contaminated not only the BBC but also the National Health Service as well as the Ministry of Health.

It shows the need for a change of course for all organisations and institutions, the culture needs to change; they should no longer protect individual offenders as the Catholic Church has done.

Instead they should expose the offenders and hand them over to the police, that way the organisations will be protected not the perpetrators of child sexual abuse.

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