Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Wonderful Show.

Roberto Matta. 

Watching the extended edition of Later with Jools Holland last night was lovely, it is good to hear all of the performers each doing a few numbers.

The show kicked off with a bang with Alice Cooper and his shit hot band, who played fast and furious rock 'n' roll just as it should be played.

I found myself wishing as did Richie, that we could go to their Halloween concert in London to see them perform, that would be a brilliant gig.

The next act was Bloc Party who were magnificent, they are an excellent band, good musicians and good lyrics, about people's right to determine their own future.

Listening to Dionne Warwick singing, while Jools Holland was accompanying her on the piano was a very moving experience, I had tears in my eyes.

Sitting behind Jools Holland and listening intently was the lovely Paloma Faith, a wonderful quirky singer who was there to support another artist, Josephine.

Then we saw Josephine who has a lovely voice and plays the guitar as well, a band and backing singers were good, she looks wonderful and gives a polished performance.

It was most enjoyable to Charlie Pride singing; he has such a sweet voice and is such a sweet man.

Richie was recounting an anecdote about him which was that if anybody did not like Charlie Pride they must be a confirmed racist.

The other very good band was ALT-J, who I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening to them, they are a band that really means it.

I enjoyed watching them very much especially the drummer who was amazing, the other drummer I love watching was the one in Alice Cooper's band.

Alice Cooper played the first number of the show and they were the ones to also play the last number and then it was over much too quickly.

While the show it was great fun, it ended as always much too quickly for my liking, one good thing is that there will be more next week.

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