Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Determined to give it a go.

Roberto Matta.

It was tremendous relief that yesterday's catheter change at the hospital went so well.

last night I was hoping that as a result of the success at the hospital that I would get a good nights sleep.

sadly this did not go as I wanted, because I woke up at least five times during the night, this was due to my legs being extra painful.

the other reason was that the duvet is still too warm for me because the weather while cool is not cold enough for such a thick cover.

tonight I shall as Richie to replace the duvet, with an blanket in a duvet cover which should give me all the warmth I need, without making me uncomfortable.

this afternoon I had a very pleasant visit from Anne, who visited me for two hours which was lovely.

We had a good time chatting and laughing, at the end of the visit I promise that I would be more proactive and called her regularly to ask for a visit.

On Monday I mentioned that I would be practising how to use the Seetech computer, which would mean I wouldn't be able to blog until I was Seetech literate.

When I got back from the hospital yesterday I just wanted to write a brief post using Dragon voice recognition, after which I would practice on the Seetech computer.

I did have a look at the Seetech computer together with Richie, it was even more difficult I imagined.

What confused me was not understanding exactly what I have to do, I tried opening various items and only succeeded each time in closing down the computer totally.

after an hour when I was starting to get a headache, we decided it was enough for one day.

I'm hoping that it will get easier time I tried to use it, it would be nice if it became clear to me quite soon exactly what I have to do.

Learning how to operate new software is not going to be easy and not as quick as I would like, I want to write my posts on my new computer right away.

I realise now that once again I'm going to have to be extremely patient and take things one step at a time, not easy for me but I'm determined to give it a go.


Webster said...

I was hoping you would be able to use both the dragon speaking software along with the Seatech to help edit, etc. Now I have the picture that the Dragon software is on your laptop and the Seatech is on another computer. Why must life be so complicated? I know you will learn to use the Seatech quickly. That is you!!

Judy said...

I wish you much success with your new software and hope it eases your life's challenges.