Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Intentions.

Roberto Matta.

Last night when I was brushing my teeth I started to worry about what it was going to be like when I could no longer hold a toothbrush.

These tho.ughts really upset me and I got a little carried away speculating about the progress of my Multiple Sclerosis.

Amazingly I managed stop myself getting too involved in trying to speculate about what will happen in the future.

It is all too easy for me to get bogged down in worrying about what if this or that happens, I don't like wasting my energy on worrying about the future.

I can't change anything that is going to happen, all I can do is keep myself positive and enjoy everything that I have for as long as I have it.

That is a better way for me to live right now, I hate knowing that my hand and arm function will soon cease.

However getting worried won't do anything apart from make me extremely miserable which I don't want to be.

So my only option is to get on with enjoying my life right here and now, of course I will always have moments when I worry.

This can't be stopped altogether, but what I can do is to try to avoid getting myself upset about things I've no power to change.

Much better to enjoy the here and now something I have become pretty good at these last years, which I am happy I can do.

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Diane J Standiford said...

LOVE IT. I don't want to live in a world without art.