Friday, October 19, 2012

All's Well That Ends Well.

 Roberto Matta.
We were very worried about Cyril last night because he could not walk on his right paw and it seemed to be giving him a lot of problems.

Richie called the vets as soon as he could this morning and they gave an appointment for 1200.

Before he left he got me my laptop so I was all set to look at my e-mail, open my blog and write today's blog post.

Just as I opened my e-mail program the laptop screen became black and shortly after the power went off.

I waited for a minute and tried to restart the laptop sadly without success, I tried it several times, then several more times before deciding to stop.

What amazed me was how calm I was about this happening, I think I realised that was little point in getting all worked up and upset when it seemed I could not remedy the situation.

The idea that my laptop was dead is not a nice thought however I decided I would just have to get on and really make an effort to learn how to use the Seetech computer.

I think learning how to use Seetech is not going to be difficult as I thought it would be, last night I decided that I was no longer scared but saw it as a challenge.

It is good that I thought that last night because it made it easier for me when I thought my laptop died, which it hasn't.

As I found out when Richie got back from the vets with Cyril, apparently Richie had forgotten to plug the laptop in to the electricity supply.

That explains everything and now I'm sitting here writing this on my laptop, Richie also reassure me about Cyril.

Apparently he has an infection in one toe which makes walking very painful for the poor little dog; he is now on antibiotics as well as painkillers.

He should get better in a few days so all is well Cyril as well is with my laptop, and all is well with the weather too, it is a beautiful sunny day temperatures of 20° and perhaps higher temperatures mid-afternoon.

It would be great if it got warm enough to use air conditioning which was installed last week on 9th and 10th of October.

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