Monday, October 08, 2012

Tilting Against The Windmills Of The Bureaucracy.

Roberto Matta.
Finally action, after winning my appeal the 15th of May, against my application for air conditioning being turned down three times by Amsterdam Council.

Tomorrow morning at 08.00 Andre, the man from the air conditioning company will be here to start installing our air conditioning unit

How typical of Amsterdam Council to keep me waiting from the 18th of May when I received the official letter from the Amsterdam court.

Which informed me that I had won my appeal against Amsterdam council’s refusal of the air conditioning.

Which is absolutely vital to make life bearable during the summer months for me, as well as anybody else suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Making me wait until October to get this vitally necessary equipment installed, does indicate that Amsterdam Council has no interest in the welfare of its handicapped residents.

It is very worrying that the council department responsible for handicapped and disabled city residents is so negligent in carrying out its work.

I first applied in April 2011, it is taken me one year and six months to achieve a result, and I recommend taking action to everybody in my position.

It is good to let the authorities know that just because I am handicapped it did not mean that they could push me around without a fight.

Even though I can no longer physically stand up anymore, I can still stand up for myself and fight my corner against the insensitivity and apathy of the bureaucrats.

I recommend that everybody do the same and fight for their rights, and don't let anybody push you around.

Be assertive, they don't expect disabled and handicapped people to be assertive, they think we are a pushover.

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