Monday, October 29, 2012

A Pleasant Start To The Week.

Roberta Matta.

Today Richie and I did the exercises early enough for him to take me to the bathroom to be showered and dressed as well as perfumed.

All this was done before Miranda; the wound nurse from the rehabilitation clinic came to check on the wound.

We were in fact ready just before 1200 which she is due to be here, as it was we had to wait until 1215 before Miranda arrived.

It was really good to be showered and dressed waiting for the wound nurse to arrive rather than to be got out of bed just before or just as she arrives.

Being ready made me feel much better, 1215 when Miranda arrived I was ready for her to inspect the wound which she did immediately.

She removed some tissue that she thought was probably stopping the progress of the healing, after which a photo was taken and Miranda left after 10 minutes.

After which Richie has put me back into bed, then they went into the kitchen and made us a delicious lunch, vegetarian sausages, chips and cauliflower cheese.

The plan is to eat some delicious pumpkin soup this evening with garlicky croutons and fresh fruit.

I am enjoying the day immensely, Richie is too so I think we will try and replicate an early start every day, I'm sure that will improve the days for us.

It’s brilliant that we have had our lunch, and I written my blog post for today before Mathilde, my physiotherapist gets here for our Monday appointment.

Nice to be ready so early it has put a different complexion on the day and I must say that it's one that I like very much, nice to feel on top of things.

What a pleasant way to start the week, much better than rushing to keep up, this way we both feel relaxed, positive and better able to cope.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wishing you continued healing and Pleasant days! Love, Mary

gareth said...

Hi folks, lovley to read you had a nice day. Lunch sounded yummy, just give us a shout when ya need more sausage mix:) HUGE THANKYOU for the flowers they are beautiful, so many they are in two vases:)Hope you week contiues as it started.