Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Typical Autumn Day.

Roberto Matta.

The weather today has been a typical autumn day, overcast sky and pretty gloomy most of the day especially the end of the afternoon.

Our dogs are very happy as Richie took them up to the Amsterdam Forest at lunchtime today is really made their day.

Right now Richie is making us a delicious late meal, it smells delicious and I know that he is making several dishes.

There is going to be a Tempe curry, yard long beans in coconut, dal, basmati rice and Richie freshly made hot chilli pickle which is seasoned with lime juice and fresh coriander leaves.

The cooking aroma is drifting into the bedroom from the kitchen and I can hardly contain my impatience because I want to eat this lovely dinner right now.

It's been an enjoyable day, which is about to get even better with my Darling Richie is wonderful food.

Time now find another piece of artwork by my favourite surrealist artist from Chile Roberto Matta after which I suppose this I look forward to our dinner.

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gareth said...

Watcha Folks, Wow that dinner sounds yummy and I,m sure it was. Me recovered a bit from the shock of seeing me Dad, he,s slowly making small steps but its early days. Me Mum bless is doing ok and the family are rallying round. As you say will not worry about things that hav,nt happened and stay focused on the present.