Monday, October 01, 2012

Overcome My Fear.

Roberto Matta.
This afternoon I have realised that I need to start using the Seetech computer which is in the other room.

Since the English and German dictionaries were installed over 10 days ago every day has gone by without having a go.

Richie quite rightly was remonstrating with me about the fact that I haven't bothered to use the Seetech computer yet.

He is right of course I should use it, and I absolutely agree with him that I need to start using the Seetech software now.

It became pretty apparent this afternoon that I do need to move on, as I'm having a difficult time trying to click using an increasingly ineffectual left-hand.

After talking to Richie, I thought about what he said and realised not only how right he is also why.

I realise now one of the reasons I'm putting off starting using the Seetech computer, is that I will no longer be able to use my hands.

There is no doubt that my hands function is getting very bad now and will cease altogether very soon.

I think I've been trying to avoid acknowledging this by not using the Seetech computer, how funny that have been trying to fool myself like that.

The other reason is that I'm finding the idea of using my eyes to operate a computer worries me, because I don't know how it works and               what I have to do.

Having thought this all through I know now that I am going to start using the Seetech computer from tomorrow afternoon.

It would be nice if I could manage to write a short post on my blog, but it may not happen tomorrow, in which case I will be back blogging as soon as I am Seetech literate.

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