Friday, October 26, 2012

A Brilliant Day.

Roberto Matta.

It really is colder today, now the weather is gradually becoming more like winter weather.

On Saturday night the clocks will go back one hour, something that I find really regrettable because we miss seeing the lovely autumn sunsets.

Again this is a situation that I can do nothing about so I'm not going to let myself become upset by it happening.

We've had a really good day, our good friend Anja came to visit us as we had requested week.

As it is her 50th birthday on Monday next week we wanted to give her presents as well as a cake.

Richie made a lovely chocolate cake which had home-made probably jam in the middle and chocolate icing over the top decorated with fresh raspberries.

The cake looked delicious, and we are both hoping that Anja and Erik, her partner as well as their son Bosse will enjoy it.

Anja looked very pleased when we gave her the presents and the cake and we will also very pleased and happy to be able to do this for her.

She is a very special friend and it is a pleasure to be able to give her pleasure as we seem to do this afternoon.

Now I'm looking forward to the delicious dinner that Richie is cooking for us and later on there is good music on later with Jools Holland on BBC two at 24.30 to make the day even better.

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Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Richie is a gift in himself and you are blessed to have him. Good to read that you are enjoying life.

Take care, stay blessed