Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unmask Joris Demmink

Roberto Matta.

Right now in the Netherlands there is a man by the name of Joris Demmink who is the Permanent Secetery to the Minister of Justice.

He is a top servant in the Netherlands who is apparently also a predatory paedophile, one seemingly so well protected that there is no action taken against him.

He is in charge of several ministries such as the Home Office, as well as the Forensics Institute (NFI), the Immigration and Naturalisation service (IND), he is the National Antiterrorism Coordinator which makes him the most powerful man in the Netherlands.

There have been recent attempts to expose him by  journalists in the Netherlands, but they've all been warned off the case.

Today I saw this on Facebook;

Joris Demmink will soon be presented a prestigious government service award by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. Are you kidding me? Tell her that's not ok and that he needs to be arrested here...

My message to the Queen is ;
Please take action now against this predatory paedophile and his network of support.
It is totally unacceptable for anybody to be acting in this manner but for somebody in a top function at the Ministry of Justice to be abusing children is absolutely morally reprehensible.
This should be exposed immediately for what he is and handed over to the police.

Hopefully if enough people send messages to the Queen there will be action taken very soon.

I do not approve of witchhunts and I'm not calling for one what am trying to do is to add my voice to the growing voices demanding action be taken against this paedophile and others in his network.

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