Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Philosophical.

Roberto Matta.

It's lovely to see that the change in the temperature still happens quite suddenly, last week Friday was a beautiful warm sunny day but not this Friday.

The weekend was not quite as warm but it was still warm enough for Mathilde, my physiotherapist to sit up on her roof terrace enjoying the weather.

On Monday this week it was also warm enough, it was 24°, for me to enjoy the window being open all afternoon until 1800 then it started become too cold.

Since Monday it is not being warm enough for me to be able to have the windows open again which is a shame, but Monday was an unexpected treat

While it has been cooler up to now it has not been very cold yet, but apparently it's all set to become much colder from this evening.

According to the English weather forecast the temperature is going to drop from 14° during the day today to 9° during the day tomorrow.

I guess being as it is now the 25th of October it is absolutely correct that the temperature should be getting colder now.

Right now I am feeling quite philosophical about winter approaching; I've decided that I'm not going to get worked up about the cold weather.

There is no point in getting upset about it becoming winter and I'm not going to this year, instead I'm going to enjoy it and look forward to spring and summer 2013.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Catching up on visiting. Hope all is well. Am happy the cool weather is here. Have a great weekend. Love, Mary

Gareth said...

Watcha Folks, just saying a BIG HELLO and to wish you a pleasent weekend. Will give a ring soon

Karen said...

I am happy the cool weather is here. Winter in Canada means really cold temperatures and lots of snow! I'm a winter person.