Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting away with it.


One way or the other it has been quite a week this week; just finally managed to edit three Dutch posts for my blog.

When I had done that as well as answer outstanding e-mails to my case manager as well as my advisor from Amsterdam council’s disability unit, I am tired.

I did not intend to write about paedophiles this week but I could not ignore all the allegations that have been flooding the media in England about Jimmy Saville.

Nor could I ignore the story about the Permanent Secretary to the Justice M Minister Joris Demmink also being a predatory paedophile.

It is amazing that these people get away with such disgusting behaviour because they are high profile and they are being protected by others.

The case of the Permanent Secretary to the Justice Minister it seems to be particularly unsavoury.

Because he's apparently protected by three people who are currently part of the political elite in the Netherlands.

The Justice Minister Opstelten was apparently at the same university and they belong to the same clubs.

It seems that if you're well connected and get away with literally anything as the case of these two men seems to show.

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