Sunday, March 01, 2009

Basjoe destination for first outing.

My plan is to go to the Basjoe when I can sit in the wheelchair again and the weather is nice we will go and enjoy a delicious fruitshake on their terrace.

This is our favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam we first went there in 1989.
We met Lee Bridges there, the Cannabis Poet this was also one of his favorite haunts.

James one of the proprietors is the cool dude with a longest dreads I have seen. Last time I was in he had me cracking up with his funny comments.

The shop has three outside tables that fill up fast on nice days. You can't beat the view at the intersection of two canals, with the Zuiderkerk clock tower looming above (one of my favorite views).

Inside the walls are full of posters for upcoming events so it's a good place to come to find out what's going on in town.
The walls are also- full of cards from around the world sent by happy customers.

Basjoe's get's high marks for service because they have a different attitude towards their customers than most coffeeshops. The staff is friendly, the smoothies are excellent as is the space cake and they even have table service. Now that's cool!

If you want a good deal on hash, from a friendly & funny dealer, visit Basjoe's on the Kloveniersburgwal.

Tip: The Himalayan black hash is some of the best in town. It's soft, smooth and almost out-of-body. James always has excellent weed, which he says is now all organic! He has some really sweet stuff going down. Try the Special Haze or just ask James what's good today.

If you visit say hi to James and Leo from Herrad and Richie

Kloveniersburgwal 62


Chloe said...

Oh man! I miss those places! I actually lived in Maastricht for awhile while I was working on my degree. We used to go to coffee shops and sit outside all day!! Specially in Amsterdam along the canals - and in the Spring? Can't ask for a better day!

soulful sepulcher said...

I look forward to seeing a photo of you in front of it! It sounds fantastic!

Jen said...

Oh Herrad!

Amsterdam sounds like too much fun and I believe I'd get in some serious trouble there!! Had a little bit of good "stuff" myself this past weekend.

The coffee shop sounds lovely and I'm glad you'll be getting back out there soon.



steve said...

BR and I are contractually obligated not to say how jealous we are.

Richie said...

James and Leo are he good vibe specialists! They may not cure MS but they sure chase away the worries of the day. What great evenings we spent after work hanging on their terrace and bitching the fashion sense of tourists. Remember when Daisy jumped on my lap and I said...
maybe one for my blog. he he

Charisa said...

That sounds like a great plan for the first outing!