Monday, March 02, 2009

Cure for MS through stem cell research.

Very pleased to read about the stem cell research would be great if the researchers discovered how to cure MS and other such diseases.

Reading this articles makes me hopeful that one day soon no one would be so handicapped and experience such pain and discomfort.

Last night cried a bit thinking what a shitty disease this is and what alot of distress it causes to thousands of people all over the world.

Somehow would find it easier to bear if there were not so many other people suffering this as it's heartbreaking to contemplate how many others go through this.

It's incredible to think how technology has advanced so far yet there is no cure for degenerative diseases.

Wonder if others feel the same way.


mortonlake said...

we spend billions on inventing new weapons,terrible new ways of killing each other,new methods of war.yet cancer,motor neurone disease,MS,and other diseases get a fraction spent on are not the only one who crys herrad.not just for me,i got it and i am not that bad,but for those who suffer so much.take care herrad,love mort xxx i have been known to utter bad words as

Herrad said...

Utter some bad words for me too Mort.