Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ready for the day....

Horrible abrupt awakening this morning at around 8 am a very painful leg spasm woke me up.

It felt like a mule had kicked me in the back, which was very unpleasant indeed.

Tried all sorts to try to head off further spasms and either drift back off to sleep or get into that lovely dreamy place I got to yesterday.

Sadly this seemed impossible as one painful spasm followed the other and every tiny movement and even me lying totally still did nothing to change or stop them happening.

A very unpleasant way to wake up and we are both abit knocked around by it, especially as it got kind of late last night gone 2 am before Richie turned the light off.

Because of my waking up yodelling with pain at 8 we probably only had 5 hours sleep which is not quite enough.

As soon as I could did my arm exercises and after that Richie massaged my legs and now I am ready to face the day.


soulful sepulcher said...

You're a brave woman, and I'm glad that you have Richie for support and to massage out the painful muscles.

I hope you have a pleasant dream and sleep again!

What a cute puppy photo, I love how dogs just flop on their backs in blissful contentment!

Have a good day today.

mortonlake said...

its bloody awful herrad,that jerk you get with it.like an electric shock.you take care,love mort xx

Richie said...

It was a nasty shock this morning. I am a bit knackered today as a consequence. We will take it easy and get an earlier night tonight.

Libby said...

ow! it's great that richie's there for you!

Ana said...

I'm also glad you have Richie to take care of you and support and
I'm sure you also give him a lot of things.
What a beautiful puppy!
I cannot see them because I feel like taking them all home.
Hope you get better soon.
I want you to talk about Jock Young as a teacher.