Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jacob van Lennepkade, Amsterdam

These pictures are of the canal at the end of our street Richie took them yesterday on his way to the Vondelpark.

Today feeling reasonable after waking up from an incredibly deep sleep to totally wide awake and in pain.

Felt extra painful today and took three bags of thc before the pain subsided and I was able to relax.

Now do still have the painful twinges but notice that they have moved around again, quite a relief to me.

Always think oh dear that's unbearably painful perhaps need to tell the doctor about that only for the pain to decamp from my chest to my elbow.

A major problem is suddenly a painful cramp in my lower arm and not a chest and breathing problem.

Do not know if wandering pain is common thing that everyone experiences, know now that rapid temperature changes is one of the MS effects.

As are spasms and cramps and all the strange tingles and electric currents and the pricking and slashing pain as well as feeling on fire.

Major one is the MS girdle, that feeling of having a corset on that is being pulled tighter.

The other thing that I have are strange sensations on my head and scalp best described as the hairs on my head standing on end.

Oh well it is a strange illness really hope that someone will find the way to stop the progress of the disease and from that come up with a cure and prevention.

I know that even if something were found now that it would not help me wish it could as am not sure that I can cope with this steady decline that is happening to me.

Takes so very much to keep positive but its my only choice as to do anything else would mean more pain plus depression which I hear is a major factor with MS.

My choice as always is to be positive and to make the best of it all and to enjoy today.

Thanks for all your support it really does help, it is good to give and receive support good to be part of a community, a supportive network.


Ana said...

I hope you find a balance soon.
I'm amazed that some of the symptoms you describe I felt as withdrawal symptoms.
Taka care,

Lisa Emrich said...

Beautiful pictures of the canal. I do wish there were something more which could be done to eliminate the pain which travels through your body.

Thank you for being part of our community and allowing us to be part of yours.

mortonlake said...

woke at 4 nearly screaming,the pains in my arms were awful,really was scared it was heartt again,then realised it was my good friend MS.not had that in ages,had gotten so i assumed that part was over.ha,no way.hope you find relief herrad,keep positive,lots of love,mort xx

Anonymous said...

Lovley to see the photos of the canal I do miss just cycling around the city. Crap that your in constant pain but glad the THC still taking the edge of it. Stay positive and enjoy the little things BIG STRENGTH @ LOVE GXXX

Libby said...

herrad, you are one of the most positive people with ms that i know, and i'm happy to have met you! i know that i've read a lot of people have a life-threatening symptom, and they just assume it's the ms, so they do nothing, and it's easy to do that, but, please, remember that ms totally sucks, but it's not always the 'culprit', okay? i know you're smart enough to know that, i'm just reminding! [hugs]!

Amelia said...

Having a bad day myself today, Herrad. The way you describe your pain, is so similar to mine. I can totally relate.
I have just written my post and I agree with you, it is a real help to have the support of everyone in this network.
I love the canal pictures. We are going away in the first week of May, on a narrowboat on one of the welsh canals. I will document it with lots of pictures! I cannot wait for the slow pace and peace of the beautiful surroundings.
I hope you have a good sleep and wake up without too much pain tomorrow.

Love & big hugs
Amelia XxXxX

Charisa said...

Beautiful photos - thanks! Hope the pain goes away too.

soulful sepulcher said...

I love the photos! i'm enjoying seeing another part of the world with the photos.

I, too, hope someone will figure out MS, it's such a strange thing to have pain yet feel numb at times, etc.

I think about you on my walks, and today took photos of Koda for his dog blog for you to see.

We were at a nearby lake, and it was a nice sunny day about 45-50 degrees.

Koda got to meet quite a few dog friends, and some horseback riders.

Have a good day when you see this,

Unknown said...

Herrad, thanks for making the effort to share your story. MS has soooo many symptoms.

I hope this comment finds you in less pain.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick