Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Last goodbye to Nick Leslie

Today is the cremation of our dear friend Nick Leslie who died a week ago yesterday.

Still can't quite believe it that he has died and will not be coming round to visit us again.

Last night I cried for the first time as the realisation grew that it was no strange joke that he indeed was dead.

A tiny fragment of a performance he gave on 30.1.2009 can be seen on Richie's blog


The cremation is at 13.15 this afternoonm afterwards there is a wake at the Cameleon Theater where Nick often performed.

Should be alot of people there to remember Nick and say their last goodbyes to him.

Goodbye Nick.


Anonymous said...

How life whirls on even without those you love....takes time to adjust to that.
I am sorry. ~Mary

Libby said...

how sad, herrad. just try to live the life he'd want you to live for him, that's all you can do, and think of him giving you strength to do everything he'd love to see you doing!

Miss Chris said...

Sorry to read you are going through this sadness...

Charisa said...

So sorry for your loss.