Friday, March 13, 2009

New catheter.

Slept well again last night despite the doctor's appointment today, our GP is coming round to change the catheter at 12.30.

As soon as I woke up this morning I was moaning with pain which Richie remedied with a bag of THC and that helped me off to dreamland again.

Sadly could not get the doctor’s visit out of my head and had to finally acknowledge that it worries me.

And yet it is not worrying Dr. van Wijngaarden is a very good doctor who knows what she is doing and does it well.

It is not a painful procedure and yet it is not me favourite thing, would love to phone and cancel arrange another date but that would only postpone it to another date.

Then I would get to fret and worry and even panic slightly all over again.

No won't do that just have to let it happen and once it is done I won't have to think about it for another two months.

Instead of concentrating on the doctor’s visit I will think about my dear friend Anja who will be visiting this afternoon which is a nicer prospect than the doctor.

12.30 the doctor was here and before I knew it she had installed the new catheter and it was all done and dusted, what a relief!

The sun is shining brightly and Richie tells me the weather is mild so will be able to open the windows in a minute and enjoy the balmy air wafting in through the windows


Unknown said...

It has been freezing early this week with -31 brrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrr and today it is to be +7..just like life a roller coster...keep ur spirits yuh lots- Hugs and Kisses.

awb said...

Do you find you worry more then you need to some times? I do, but then I am known for being an enormous sissy! I'm glad it went well, and even more that it's over.

Richie said...

Was not such a bad experience- Dr Dagma was as lovely as ever- and not wearing a coat! Spring is in the valley!
It all went well and set up for enjoying the weekend! Lots of Rugby for me to get depressed about!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! herrad What's a bag of tic ?

steve said...

House calls: brilliant! BR's GP in SF made house calls. (I'm in acronym mode today. Professional hazard.)

Dusty catheters: hmmm. I'll leave that one alone.

Open windows: yipee!

Herrad said...

Hello Taxingwoman,
I meant to0 type THC
which is Tetrahydrocannabinol, the high in cannabis.


Lisa Emrich said...

So glad that the doctor's visit when smoothly and quickly. Spring is certainly in the air. Except today there were flurries in the air when I woke up. Brrrrrr....

soulful sepulcher said...

I'm glad you got the appt over with, and I hope you enjoy the spring air coming through the windows! You're a brave woman, with all you are going through. Every time I think about you not going outside I want to take your bed and wheel it out there for you!I hope you and Richie have a nice weekend.

Happy Birthday to you, I will toast to you on St.Pat's Day:

Sending a wish for sunshine on your shoulders, with a view to give your heart contentment and peace.


mortonlake said...

cannabis is illegal over here,having tried it though im afraid it does nothing for me herrad.we all different.whatever it takes to ease your pain is good.take care love mort.xx

Taxingwoman said...

Ah ! Thanks for clearing that up. My ex husband uses a spray form of THC, Sativex. You spray it under your tongue It's available as a prescription here. Good if you don't like to smoke

Herrad said...

Hello Carole,

I don't smoke it I use a vaporizer and only inhale the vapour so no side effects of smoking.