Monday, March 09, 2009

Fysio today.

Slept well again last night only problem woke up too early and could not get back to sleep again.

Was in too much pain to sleep properly again tried my best to stop myself moaning which is not easy to do.

Eventually did manage to slip back into a pleasant dream which was great as I could put off being totally awake.

Nice being in that in between world between sleep and being awake, had to admit that I was awake when Spike crept into the room.

Did my arm exercises and then the day could begin it was Monday and Monday was fysio day.

Its good that I get fysio twice a week as it really is good for me keeps my muscles loose.

First Mathilde gets me to do some exercises some with weights and some without after that she moves my arms and massages them as well.

Afterwards its great feeling very relaxed which sets me up until Thursday and my second fysio session.


Lucy said...

Thank you for your visit today and understanding about Ron's job loss. I do understand MS. My son lived with it for 7 years, very aggresive. Passed away at age 42. I wish you the best in everything and Mort is so special to me. Lucy

mortonlake said...

im following you 2 around lol.lucy is a lovely lady glad physio helps.i see mine thursday,and got new fatigue specialist coming out to see me.actually fatigue i can manage;i go to sleep,no problems.the pain goes then herrad.i hate this ( bad word deleted ) disease really take care,thanks for the card,was so kind of you both,love mort xx

Libby said...

herrad, good on you for getting good sleep last night!! i'm so happy for you! you just don't understand how important sleep is til you can't get any, right? it really helps you to be able to do your physio correctly, which helps your physical well-being, which helps your mental...etc!

Charisa said...

Falling back asleep is so wonderful! Hope your day has some sunshine! :)

Chloe said...

That is awesome that you slept well last night! Sleep is SO important - both physically and mentally!

I love being in the 'not awake but not asleep' gives my brain a 'vacation' :)

Keep up the great posts! LOVE CHLOE

Diane J Standiford said...

I get a bit of arm weights in every day. Lifting my own body weight helps too, and that weight is free! LOL (I kid you not--my secret word verification is "rest")

Webster said...

Herrad, you may inspire me yet to get out of my easy chair and move my butt. I am so lazy, I consider exercise walking into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee! I know I'm having a bad day when I end up spilling some. Then I have to get my dog to clean it up for me, Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

My computer just read your blog to me. I absolutely love that state of in-between you refer to. When I'm lucky in that state, I can control the dream and where the focus is going. I can direct myself through busy streets, or up staircases, or to a room, if I'm in a house. It's quite fun! That satisfies the voyeur instinct in me.