Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A new day.

Doesn’t time go by quickly, here it is Wednesday again and before you know it will have been April and spring and then summer will be here.

With spring and summer comes the prospect of being able to go out again am very keen to do that.

Almost too keen which will make the time in between perhaps difficult to bridge but then again not really as I have plenty to do.

Have to organise for my wheelchair to get properly adapted so that I can sit in it again.

Have been quite concerned how the chair will be adapted my fears have been soothed by hearing of a method of using the body imprint to make the backrest and seat to fit me.

That way I should be adequately protected from running the risk of another pressure sore.

Now that I know of this method feel alot more confident about getting the wheelchair sorted out.

Enough to do plus my daily arm exercises and using the motomed and most important of all must not forget to organise plenty of people to visit.

It is vital to schedule as many visits by friends as possible as it would not be good for us to become too isolated.

Before I became sick with MS we were both working and after work our preference was often to be alone together.

The difference then was we had just spent all day at work plus we could go anywhere we wanted after work.

We could sit on a cafe terrace or go to a coffee shop or as we often did just walk around this lovely city.

Now we can't do any of that it is even more important than ever to organise visits as before you know it we are isolated and depressed.

Not having that am determined that I will enjoy every new day.

And today is another new day!


Richie said...

Music to my ears. We shall go out and enjoy the city again soon. I may be reluctant to share you but I agree we need to remain social beings. MS robs you of many things but not your humanity. You are part of this world and need to participate in it. Lets invite our favourite journalist round for a celebration dinner -enjoy good news where we can garner it.

Chloe said...

I agree with Richie! Being social is sooo important :) I get into the 'non-social' ruts way to often and - and my mood gets shot. MS can't keep you from enjoying the people around you!


Mark Krusen said...


Thanx for stopping by. It is very important to stay social. I too like to isolate myself it gets suffocating. I will be glad when spring gets here too. I'll be looking forward to reading about yours and Richie's walks.

Charisa said...

Well said! And I agree, I am very happy when I am with friends - we were meant to be social. Hope your day is good today!

Nunya said...

hello Herrad, we're just fine - thanks so much for asking. just being a little anti-social! much love, nvam

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit, my dear..!
You have such a wonderfully positive attitude it is inspiring. I am Housebound because of Health Issues with my Lungs, and without a partner, so I understand trying to schedule friends visiting very very well, and the importance of not being too isolated....! It can be very depressing sometimes....
That's sounds like a terrific idea, to get an impression of your body to minimize the sores...!
I cannot believe it is already March!

Miss Chris said...

I'm a fairly social person but also a bit of a loner at the same time. I think I have found a good balance between the two. Strange as it may sound, I think my MS has made me more social. It brought me out of my shell and made me become comfortable talking about things that involve myself. When you can feel comfortable discussing your MS with strangers you can talk about almost anything.:)

Tricia said...

I wish I could get my husband to socialize more! He was somewhat antisocial pre-MS though so we can't blame the disease for this! LOL

I agree with your sentiments about spring. It has been a long cold winter here in NY and I am so ready for some warm weather, some green grass, some sunny days.

Bring it on!

mortonlake said...

my ms has decided it wants to make friends with my sciatic nerve.result?sheer bloody agony.ho well,roll on summer.take care,love mort xx


Hey, I can't wait for spring either. Over here, clocks are moving ahead an hour this weekend, so it gets light earlier.

Take care of those pressure sores.

Webster said...

Flatout Jim - It will get light later in the morning, and stay light an hour longer in the evening. Yay for Daylight Saving Time!

Herrad, You treat every day as a gift. Your spirit is truly inspiring. May that last centimeter heal quickly so you can sit up again, and I hope you're getting a new electric wheelchair that's being fitted for you.

GoBigGreen said...

Herrad, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. It means alot to me that friends and friends I dont yet even know:) stop by and open up. It makes it feel more real and less painful to be feeling as i do.
I hope your day has been good today:)
Keep on smling:)

Lisa Emrich said...

I am so with you on spring. It has been a very cold winter and I've not spent much time at all outside because of that. In fact, it actually snowed on Sunday/Monday. Can't wait to see the buds blooming on the tress.