Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here's to life.

Not such a nice day as yesterday today it’s grey and raining, well drizzle hours of drizzle.

Not an inspiring day not like yesterday but it is a day for doing things just a shame no sun.

Yesterday was pretty upset that Ton, the nurse did not have a good report about the sore, he measures it every time.

Was so hoping for that special birthday present for coming Tuesday just have to get off it now and pick myself back up again.

No point crying before I need to cry but it did knock me for six yesterday will have to be patient and wait which I find so very difficult to do.

Oh well perhaps its good news next time Ton visits let’s hope so and in the meantime I am going to enjoy today sun or no sun.

First I have my fysio session where I will do lots of arm exercises and then Mathilde moves and massages my arms.

After the fysio session Anne and Cecile will visit, Cecile will bring a bottle of prosecco left over from her birthday party.

We will drink a toast to life and friendship.


awb said...

Cheers from me to you Herrad. I agree, who needs the sun!

Richie said...

Next time good news!

Ana said...

Cheers Herrad!
Have a good day!

Amelia said...

Love and hugs, Herrad.
I hope you enjoyed the day and your drink.

Thinking of you
Amelia XxXxX


Fingers crossed, soon it will be sunny all the time. Anyday now.

Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

I have often found most good news comes as the unexpected, a pleasant surprise, and masked mysteriously of our own making; while bad news on the other hand is certainly easy to find all around us anytime we seek it.

I have to say that Picture of the Dog laid out a couple of post back had me cracking up and smiling.

I really hope you enjoy your toast and company with good friends this day/night. Remember that Drizzle is but liquid sunshine waiting to be absorbed in fates trusting arms and our loving faithful hearts. {Laughing}

Let's just hope your wound healing keeps on a constant pace of healing; and many sunny days basking in the sweet air of the outdoors with Richie are ahead of you sooner than later.

Yours truly,

Chloe said...

Cheers! You don't need the sun to enjoy a good time with friends!

Libby said...

herrad, best wishes to you on this day of drizzle!! the best thing about this day will be the friends & company!!

gingerman said...

a belated, but since there is a one week period perhaps still timely, happy birthday!!!

i always feel anxious and apprehensive when i have a birthday due to my belief that there is some finite period in which one can have ms--for me 33years now.

thanks for the thin lizzy!!!