Sunday, March 01, 2009

Painful MS arm spasms

Despite it being difficult to fall asleep, my nose was blocked pain shooting up and down my body, I managed it.

Glorius sleep even woke up quite quietly but my pleasure at getting a soft awakening was soon disturbed by painful MS arm spasms.

Could not even yawn softly without it setting off a veritable tidal wave or waves of painful spasms.

Poor Richie what a rude awakening for him, he did not even spend anytime waking up instead came over and massaged my legs and got me a hot water bottle for by my legs.

Then it was time for water and pills and my food supplement drink which is an excellent way to take a few more calories on board.

Decised to take it very easy today as I noticed that I was very tired today.

Pleased that despite the painful arm spasms still did my arm exercises and now post delicious cup of lentil soup am watching football West Ham against Manchester City.

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Anonymous said...

Doctor gave me Neurotin last week and it knocks me on my ass! One 300 mg capsule put me to sleep for 23 hours! It is supposed to help with nerve pain and spasms. It helped so much that I was comatose and wouldn't know if I had pain or spasms anyway.

Also take Fosamax for bones since menopause is killing me (just kidding). Fosamax causes jaw pain and spasms and they can get pretty bad. So the neurotin is supposed to help that too.

I used to wake up with leg spasms alot, arms once in a while but mostly legs. I take glucosamine chondroitin (1500 mg a day) for joints, cartilage health, mobility and flexibility, and I can't tell you the last time I had arm or leg spasms. Jaw spasms yes, but arms and legs no. I also take a calcium magnesium supplement (1000 mg a day) that helps the Fosamax out.

Maybe the glucosamine chondroitin would work for you too? I can send you a bottle to try out because it can be rather expensive abroad. I get it here - 5 bottles for $75 which lasts about 90 days. When I add Omega 3 fish oil, I get 500 gels of that for $20.00 which lasts about 90 days too.

If you are interested, let me know and I can mail it off to you this week.

Enjoy your Sunday!