Friday, March 27, 2009

Slept til 11 am after I had woken up at around 7am and got Richie to get a bag of thc for me.

Went back to sleep despite someone ringing doorbell and phone one after the other, the next thing I knew was Richie coming in saying 'good morning darling it is 11 am'.

Soon noticed the pain again as soon as I was fully awake, some decreased as soon as Richie massaged my legs.

He got me a hot water bottle for my legs, another bag of thc and my food supplement drink and several kisses.

Started to feel better and could begin to start my day.

At around 2pm a dear friend Grainne came to visit which was delightful.

Her visits always stimulate me and give me alot to think about and afterwards I am bucked up and feel good.

While she was here it got very sunny a lovely friday afternoon.

Despite feeling really shitty today have had a good day, its winding down now and dark rain clouds have drifted past.

Remember how I hated the weather being lovely all week and as soon as it was friday late afternoon it would start raining.

Happy wet weekends, now would take any amount of rain if I could get down the market again.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

It's 12noon here and i just got home from a quick walk with the dog and it's misting outside, grey skies. sending you a big hug, and one for Richie too, who is a dear man for massaging your legs and taking care so lovingly of you.

steve said...

BR and I didn't know how much we loved thunderstorms until we moved to California. Now that we are back in Texas, each storm is a thrill.

You are another day closer to jailbreak!

kmilyun said...

Just stopping in and letting you know I am still reading . ...

Say howdy to Richie.