Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The sun is shining.

Spike asked to go on my bed this morning for a cuddle which was very sweet of him, its good to bond with the wee dog.

Perhaps he picked up that I am tense as its wednesday again, the day Ton our wonderful nurse from the RCA comes to check on the progress of the pressure sore.

Hate the prospect of the visit more than the actual visit itself, especially like the times when there is good news as there was at Ton's last visit two weeks ago.

Quite consumes me with nerves as to what he will say this time, has it got smaller, less deep??

Will have to wait another 15 minutes to hear the news good or less good news.

I hate waiting and am no good at being patient I hate it, but guess that waiting and being patient are big elements of having MS grrrrrr!

Well sadly it has not got noticeably smaller, it is however very clean and healthy looking, so all the right conditions are in place for healing to take place.

Was hoping for good news for my birthday on 17 March have to be patient a wee bit longer.

Richie is making some potatoe crisps to cheer me up and there is a delicious tofu and noodle lunch to come and maybe Richie will make a fruit crumble and custard.

Determined to move along despite it not being the news that we wanted, the sun is shining and the dogs are happy and so am I.


Richie said...

OK so let me summarise - bad news- birthday soon- need crumble and custard.
Fair enough.
ps glad you liked the crisps.

Lisa Emrich said...

Oh boy, you've got a birthday coming up and on St. Paddy's Day. Very clean and healthy looking sounds like good(ish) news, just not stellar news. But crumble and custard sounds like great eats. Yum.

My baby kitties have their 1st birthday on March 18. I might not be able to call them "baby kitties" after that.....nah...I can call them that all I want. :)

Unknown said...

Home made crisps and crumble? Yum. Enjoy.


mortonlake said...

we count what blessings we have herrad,take care,love mort xxx

Libby said...

yes, clean & healthy looking is actually good news if you choose to look at it as such...but, potato crisps, crumble, custard? well, herrad, let me just say...I'M JEALOUS!!

awb said...

That's my son's birthday too Herrad, I hope it is a good day for you. I wish you luck with the nurse, we will be thinking of you.

steve said...

One centimeter, huh? Can't they just find a piece of body jewelry to stuff in there and pretend like you did it on purpose?

Pretty Zesty said...

Hi Herrad!

Thank you for the message. I'll tell you a little bit more about myself (which you can't find on my blog). Yes, I'm a sarcastic entertainment buff, but what drew me to your blog, and many others, is that we all have something in common: MS. While I do not personally have it, my mother did. As we all know with any disease when one person is sick, it tends to tickle down throughout family/friends in many different ways. Anyway, I just find a lot of insight and inspiration within you all and look forward to sharing ideas and hope.


ps 4 countries? I'm jealous!