Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quite a morning.

Had a reasonable nights sleep sadly woke up really early hot and bothered and damp.

Flapped the duvet open and cooled off enough to drift back off to sleep which was really lovely and very welcome.

At 11.30 a very pleasant woman came round from Arjo Huntleigh, the company who we got the air pressure mattress from.

She wanted to check that the pump is working well, had hoped to get an upgrade but she told me that I have their best mattress the Nimbus 3.

She did put it on a softer setting and I felt the difference quite quickly which is better than it was.

Now I do not feel so much pressure on my back so quite a useful visit.

Plus now know that if the pump starts to get too loud we need to call the company and they will come and replace the filter in the pump.

After the vcisit received an email fro-m a friend in England with bad news about a friend of his who had just got 9 months in prison for a few cannabis plants.

His first offence!

No wonder the prisons are full, and not of scary prisoners as we are led to believe but with people like my friend's friend Dusty.

Many years ago I had a job working for the Probation Service in Reading, my job was to sit in court and take noted for the Probation officers to make their reports.

Regularly saw sad people at their wits end trying desperately to make ends meet and failing.

They would often break open the electric meter and steal a small ammount and end up in prison leaving partner and kids in an even worse position.

Never made sense to me which is why I did my degree in Criminology purely out of interest and not for the career opportunities.


Lisa Emrich said...

That's so nice to have the mattress adjusted to be a bit more comfortable. But I'm sorry to hear about your friend's friend. Hopefully, they will let him out early.

Hey, it's March and it snowed like crazy here. Schools were cancelled and there's a blanket of snow on everything. Very pretty, but I'm ready for springtime. By the way, we do not normally get snow during this time of year.

Richie said...

They have an alcoholism epidemic in the UK. Town centres are full of boozed up kids making trouble at nights. Supermarkets sell drink at a loss to bring in the person buying a weeks groceries. Bars do a "drink all you can for ten pounds" promotions. Booze companies sponsor dance nights and pump out cheap drink.
I had to give up drink. I have used marijuana as a relaxant and recreation since. It has helped me stay off the drink. I have never "needed" it but it does help. I grew my own illegally in England and could have faced jail if caught.
One night in Glasgow in 1988 I drank a couple of bottles of Thunderbird and then went to the bar. On the way we bought a bottle of T bird for the walk. As I crossed the Kelvin bridge I launched the empty bottle. As it left my hand I realised that at the bottom of the gorge is the popular Kelvin Walkway. I heard the bottle smash beneath and looked over the edge to see an empty path. If someone had been there at that moment I could have sat in jail for booze. Marijuana may make my conversation boring and reduce my resistance to food but I aint never done nothing as stupid as that night pissed up in Glasgow. Dusty has my sympathy. I remember on my last visit to Liverpool I was offered coke and heroin and party pills but weed was hard to come by- too much handling compared to chemicals. A nice lad with a few plants would have been a welcome acquaintanceship.

soulful sepulcher said...

I'm glad you were able to drift off for some pleasant sleep. It's difficult in the US to have permission to grow marijuana for medicimal purpose, and even then ppl get police involvement...I believe (though not have used it)to be a non-invasive form of pain relief, much easier on the body than the chemicals they prescribe for pain/MS. I;ve been spending quite a bit of time in a setting where patients have MS, and the drug literature is symptom prevention (as you know) and yet the side effects appear to be quite risky.

Anyway, I'm glad you have Richie. Soul mates are rare, enjoy each other in any way possible.

I look forward to hearing you've sat outside in the sun together soon.