Thursday, March 19, 2009

The sun is shining and its a lovely day today and a great week for my birthday.

On Monday as a pre birthday present a parrot appeared on the bird nuts which was brilliant as they have not been here during the winter.

They are lovely birds and seem very unworried by me fixing me with quite a look down their beaks.

They seem to understand that the dogs can't get to them with the window closed so seem to have no worries with them being there.

Love the weather geting better as I really needed something to cheer me up and give me hope that spring is happening.

Hope I too will have a spring renewal and be able to get out of bed again soon as its getting to me quite abit.

I do cope with it but its at a price,noticing recently that it is quite a high price as it is not only time but quality of life and enjoyment as well as strength and body function.

In 20 minutes my occupational therapist is here, she has been so very helpful to me, she is a good woman who has alot of empathy with people and puts herself in the other persons position.

She is here so we can discuss cushion and wheelchair adaptions and talk about the bed and any other things that could improve my life.

Sure it will be a positive discussion and knowing Ludwine also a productive one.


~~Silk said...

Glad to hear you'll be looking at cushions. My late husband (brain cancer) was hemi-paralyzed during his last year, which meant that he was unable to shift his position in bed or the wheelchair. I could shift him, but you can never be sure you're actually moving the pressure points, and it doesn't take long for a pressure sore to start (and I'm proud to say that he never had one).

We had an alternating air cushion for his bed, and a liquid-gel seat cushion for his chair (made by "Jay"), and I recommend the gel cushions highly.

Good luck.

Ana said...

I'm glad knowing you have this amazing woman helping you.

Libby said...

herrad, occupational therapists are beyond any price, if they're good and caring people! and it sounds like you have a great one!

Charisa said...

Hope you are up and out of bed soon!

Nunya said...

hello herrad, happy belated birthday to you (i'm slow on my rounds, lately). i hope too, that spring will bring about some positive effects for you. and thank you for the thin lizzy - i'm off to youtube to find more!

Dave Serjeant said...

Hiya - I have just discovered your messages on my blog. Thanks for the kind words and sorry to hear of your experiences.

I will be following your (and your partner's) blog from now on. I think it is so important to share what we are going through with the wider MS community and with the world.

You share your birthday with my daughter by the way. Happy belated birthday greetings!