Thursday, March 05, 2009

Night sweats...........

Last night started off good went to sleep no problem then woke up probably only a few hours later hot and panting and totally sweaty.

It took quite awhile for me to cool off enough to get back to sleep again.

Really horrible experiencing this, have read that there are many other MSers who experience the same thing.

Seems our temperature just goes up and down just like that without there necessarily being a noticeable reason.

It is quite disturbing especially when you find yourself like I was last night yanked out of a deep slumber.

Would like to hear other people's experiences and find out if they have any advice as to how to deal with it.

Richie is going to hang up the mosquito net today so we can start opening the window again at night.

I am curious whether this will stop the night sweats, will see tomorrow.

My fysio is here so off for 30 minutes of hard work which should see me very relaxed afterwards.

Richie hung my new mosquito net later on so the window will be open tonight and there is no danger of being bitten what bliss!


mortonlake said...

yes,i sit here now with my fan going afraid ms does seem to cause night sweats,and problems.i feel the heat bad.summer,what little we had here was bad.heat makes it worse.sorry i cant offer any advice love,if i knew how to stop it i sometimes have a fan going all night if im bad,but its bloody noisey lol,take care,love mort xx

Richie said...

Mosquito net:
I hope it works for the hot flushes at night- because it looks great. I will take a pic for your fan club to share the experience.
PS remember you can ask for water, weed, a towel, a kiss, or just company when you can't sleep.

Charisa said...

How frustrating with the hot/cold! I'm excited you might get to sleep with the window open soon - I love fresh air. Hope your day is enjoyable!!

Jen said...

I have a problem with night sweats but it's actually from taking Betaseron, one of the disease-modifying injectables. It causes fever and chills and sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat. Gross. Better as of late, but I still have nights where it spikes my temp and I end up freezing from the broken fever.

Libby said...

hi, herrad! y'know, i don't have night sweats, i just freeze all the time, but i'm sure that once i put my weight back on ()rt now it's 96 lns, i want to get back to 108 lbs, which was my weight from age 19 to 42!

steve said...

For as long as I have known BR, he's had what I termed "a broken thermostat". His comfort zone is about 2 degrees wide, and shifts around. Probably an early symptom, and we were just able to live with it.

March in central Texas brings some pretty wide temperature swings. In between the extremes are some of the most lovely days for sitting on the porch or strolling in the park. BR is out front right now with his sketch pad and charcoal.

Hurray for open windows!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad I get night sweats too
Sorry I don't have any advice except to say I have a ceiling fan.

awb said...

I have been waking up soaking wet, not having the cold side of it, yet!

Unknown said...

I don't just seem to have the problem at night but all day long! I also have a broken thermostat... when I'm at work I've got a cardigan and fan heater to warm me up and an enormous desk fan to cool me down. Even though it has barely got past double figures in degrees of temperature here in London I've already had the desk fan on every day this week.

You mosquito net is amazing by the way :0)

Marit C-L said...

You know - I get night sweats and very random times. For me it runs in my family - my Dad and Grandfather dealt with it as well. I used to have a really heavy down comforter (because I would be cold), but then would wake up covered in sweat and chilled. After a change of pjs, I would often move to the other side of the bed or try to put towels down over the mattress (so I wouldn't get cold again). Perhaps it has something to do with the medication? Mine seem to revolve around my monthly cycle (I'm 28 though)...but it's never pleasant. I can sympathize. Three cheers for keeping the windows open - I use the fan sometimes to keep the air flowing - but I think the fresh air is best!

I'm rooting for you! You are such an inspiration!!