Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful day today very sunny a real spring day which is lovely especially as I can begin to enjoy it now my pain has diminished.

Its almost impossible to adequately describe pain, all the time I have this strange tingling feeling going up and down my body starting in my toes and going up and down my body in waves.

First it’s a tingle then it feels like electricity then it gets hot and feels like pins are being stuck into me and shortly after it feels like hot slashing pain and then the whole thing from the start.

Added to that the sudden spasms in my legs which make me feel that I have been kicked in my lower back and the arms cramps which makes my arms become rigid and clamped to my body.

All of it bloody horrible and sadly nothing that I could prevent or stop by meditating or breathing slowly although these are good things to do they do not give me relief from pain.

Luckily I can use cannabis which is vaporized in the Volcano and I use bags of THC which I inhale.

Cannabis is an excellent pain killer, appetite enhancer, relaxant as well as a good way to get to sleep.

Would rather use this plant than alot of pharmaceuticals where you have to take two extra tablets to control the side effects of one tablet.

Tablets have such unpleasant side effects they can make you so drowsy and incapable of being able to take part in life that I decided not to use them.

Have just had several bags of thc and the pain has diminished considerably so I can start to enjoy the day.


soulful sepulcher said...

Have a good day, I wouldn't use the drugs either, your pain relief is actually safer and more effective. Nature builds in remedy for things and this is one example.

I love the pic of the dogs with the flowers!

Richie said...

The pain of MS is hidden from the rest of the world. If the neurological damage was visible people would maybe understand just how devastating this disease is.
You carry yourself with such dignity even I can forget just how bad you are hurting. Every now and then I see it in your eyes.It breaks my heart. I'm glad the demon weed makes it a bit better. I'll fill you a bag now then I'll be coming to get you!

steve said...

Back in California, BR was surprised at how not-high he was getting when smoking medicinal marijuana. Especially on the days when the pain was its worst. It was as if all the active ingredients went straight to managing the pain, and he was left with a clear head.

mortonlake said...

as long as it gives you some relief herrad,you take whatever works.the pain from MS is impossible to describe to anyone but another sufferer.i know exactly what you mean.take care,love

Amelia said...

I wish I could get it was legal over here, I would try it in a heartbeat!
And Richie, you are so right, people would have such a better understanding if they could see it. They would then realise just how amazing it is that we function at all.
I hope you have had as pain free a day as possible, Herrad.
Love & hugs
Amelia XxXxX