Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lootsstraat, Amsterdam.

Horrible weather today really overcast and raining this is reinforced by both of the dogs being resolutely curled up in their beds.

My pain has been well managed as it is every day by tlc, thc, massage and baclofen so did not have too long to moan in pain.

The dogs are a great entertainment the day started with the dogs greeting us and getting patted and their tummies tickled, today they were both on my bed.

Halfway through I alerted Marleen to a pigeon on the nuts and she flew over to chase the bird away, by golly she was full of it after that, a very proud little dog indeed.

The bird did a slow double take as Marleen leapt up at the window and retired into private life and flew off at top speed.

What was also funny was Spike’s shocked and almost heartbroken reaction to Marleen being up on my bed instead of him.

He kept jumping up to look at us and each time made a mournful sound that sounded abit like a sob, poor wee doggie.

How could we do this to him when he is the important dog, poor thing!

Wonderful news, the weather is getting better, it’s brighter and the rain has stopped which means the dogs will start to get lively.

Perhaps I will activate them and get them playing around me which I very much enjoy as they do too.

Tonight Scotland play The Netherlands at the Arena here in Amsterdam hope Scotland win as that would make Richie so very happy.

Be like an early birthday present for his birthday on 14 April, we are exactly a month apart going to make sure it’s a great day for my darling.

Wow the sun is shining what a wonderful turn a round of the weather it has gone from unpleasant to really lovely and now clouds are coming back.

Classic early spring weather and the clocks go back tonight so tomorrow we have an earlier start and an extra hour of daylight.


Lisa Emrich said...

Oh, I love the book shelf!! Isn't it interesting how changes in the weather affect the activity of our pets, just as it can affect our activity and moods? Nature is interesting.

I love it when one of my kitties is sleeping on the bed with me when I wake up. When no cat is there, it's a little sad but usually one will come when they hear stirring.

Pets add a special smile to the day.

Herrad said...

Hi Lisa,

The bookshelf is on our building it is lit up at night.


Libby said...

herrad, that is such a neat building! i love to take pictures of interesting buildings, usually the old ones around town! i'll do that a lot more when it gets warmer outside, &'s great to be able to go out by myself on my scooter...but i don't want to be across town when it starts raining!!

soulful sepulcher said...

the bookshelf is amazing, and lit up at night--i'd love to see that!

Webster said...

Oh Herrad, the first thing I noticed was that lovely facade on your building. Just beautiful.

We "Sprang forward" the first Sunday of March. It a little darker in the morning, but who cares when you're still asleep? It's the longer evenings I live for! And I can't wait for our lingering cool weather to give way to Real Spring!

Blessings, and Be Well