Saturday, March 07, 2009

Let us all enjoy today and make tomorrow even better for all of us.

Had another sweat free night of sleep, it was brilliant actually slept until 9.30 am.

Then Richie massaged the pain out of my legs and just as I had taken the first set of baclofen tablets of the day Lin from The British General Stores came round with a bagful of goodies from her shop.

Often have a look at her website and do the virtual reality tasting tour as I sample scones and clotted cream and eat a packet of crisps or cheddar cheese on crackers with a touch of onion chutney.

Reading Steve’s post on The Wheel of Fortune ‘His laughter is my drug of choice’ I recognized what he wrote about laughter, it rang lots of bells for me..

When I stopped smoking joints a year ago for a wee while my sense of humour had gone, very upsetting and odd not to spend lots of time laughing with Richie.

Had the same ten years ago when I stopped smoking cigarettes, and then too suddenly could not even manage a smile.

After I got used to the vaporizer my laughter came freely again, except now I have to watch for the spasms triggered by laughing.

Glad that I could laugh again as really love being able to hang out or lime as we say in Trinidad with my darling Richie.

More thoughts were triggered by reading other blogs keep seeing posts advocating more research be done to find a cure for MS.

Wouldn’t it be so much better that instead of billions being spent on warfare it were put into researching degenerative diseases and others such as spinal injuries.

I also think people need to know what is happening to them as soon as possible and that means screening and testing people.

This calls for free universal health care for all, health care should not be a commodity that profits can be made on at the cost of people and the communities they are from.

The health of a community is its greatest asset and it is healthy people that carry the community forward.

A diverse and vibrant community that wants to live and let live and be supportive to each other.

There have been many mistakes made which can not be corrected maybe it is time not to look back saying ‘What if’ or ‘If only’ and say ‘ Let us do something now’

If everyone did something kind everyday I bet life would be much better for us all as what goes round comes round.


kmilyun said...

Hiya there! Sorry I have not stopped by as of late but (excuses, excuses, I know) I have been busy LOL go figure I actually found stuff to do.

Cool if all our countries spent the bucks on health and improving the human living conditions than war and the military machine - what a wonderful world it could be.

Off to get my Annie dog from the vet before Catfish has a fit.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

You are an inspiration, My Dear....Finding all the "juice" of life, in spite of your situation...Including Laughter!

Anonymous said...

I'd agree that time spent saying what if, how come, etc.. could be better spent. I think if all people were more insistently honest, with others, with themselves,demanded it of others, we'd get a lot further with so many things. Sometimes I am hopeful we are moving more toward that, sometimes not so much.

Glad for the sweat free night & the massage plus treats ;-).

mortonlake said...

glad you had a good night.may you have many more,love mort xx

Marit C-L said...

Really interesting post - very thought provoking. I am in complete agreement: So much MORE could be done if we spent less money on war and violence. What a waste - and its so sad. It's the little things - day in and day out - that we do, that make the world a better place. Thanks for the reminder... :)

awb said...

That's excellent you had another good night, keep it up, I hope you have a lot more to tell us about.


Richie said...

It is amazing to see the lengths we will go to in order to harm people.
The militaristic atmosphere of the moment convinces another generation that war is an adventure for themselves and done for the good of all.
The opportunity to do good acts is squandered by the desire to do harm. Our resources should not be squandered in endless conflicts. The most precious resource we squander is the lives of the young people we commission to do harm for us.
Science should be used for common good not for perfecting efficient means of annihilation.
I used to like the idea of changing the world but when both Blair and Bush both got second terms I lost belief. I fear we have reached the high point of civilisation when Fender gave Dick Dale his first Stratocaster. Since then we have been devolving our way back to the slime.
I think my problem is I am isolated from young people- optimism is sometimes contagious.

Pretty Zesty said...

You said it all right here:

"The health of a community is its greatest asset and it is healthy people that carry the community forward."

I love that!