Friday, May 08, 2009

Wild flowers in Rembrandt's Park, Amsterdam.

I used to be so self conscious writing posts.

Worried whether they were read and if they were indeed read and idly even wondered who read them.

Did not know the answer and after a short time stopped worrying about whether anyone read them or indeed who was reading my posts.

For a long time after totally forgot about anyone reading them and then started to make contact with other blogs and got the occasional comments which was really exciting.

Blogging started to be important to me and noticed that the circle had got wider and I was reading alot more blogs.

Noticed too that I was getting more visitors but the real difference has happened since I have been posting daily.

I am no longer self conscious and find writing my two daily posts one in English and one in Dutch has improved my writing.

And most importantly has put me in touch with a great group of people who I have become extremely fond of.

Love the easy communication and the sharing of information and experiences and getting to know people.

It is really wonderful to be able to communicate with people all over the world like this.

Supporting each other is essential, it makes us feel good about ourselves and anything that reinforces that good feeling is brilliant.

Here's to more solidarity and communication between people everywhere.

I am all set up for a good day after I did 30 minutes of arm exercises and Richie worked his magic exercising and massaging my legs.

He then brought me THC to control the pain and a food supplement drink he also toasted some raisin bun for me and served it with cheese which is delicious.

In a while I will drink a smoothie and pop a pill and at 13.30 we will eat the leftover fresh pasta Richie made last night with Tempe and aubergines, tomatoes and courgette.

This afternoon two friends are over, one will take Richie to a garden centre for more plants, soil and plant pots.

The sun is shining which makes us all happy especially Marleen who is looking out of the window so prettily.

Have a good day everyone.


Webster said...

I have a question for you, since you prodded my memory by mentioning Dutch. Is deYoungs a common Dutch name? I think there are some in my family tree.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,

It is a common name here.



Lisa Emrich said...

I am thrilled to see you posting daily and sharing so much of yourself with the world. I am also very glad that your community has grown so large.

I may not comment daily, but I do read daily. You are often in my thoughts and it's so wonderful that the sun is shining. Enjoy.

JC said...

I found you and I read your blog. I don't always comment but I do like the photos of your dogs and I like to hear how you are doing.

Taxingwoman said...

Herrad I try to read your blog daily Love the photos too ! Your lunch sounds yummy. Today I'm having leftover pasta, Gnocchi with meat sauce and cheese.

Herrad said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for leaving a comment.
Really am enjoying blogging and like writing my daily posts.

Hi JC,

How funny I too read your blog regularly but do not always leave a comment. Love seeing pictures of your fine furry friends.

Hi Carole,

Reading yours everyday too like the way you write very much.

Gnocchi is one of my favourites hope it was tasty.

Hope it is as good a day where you are as here.

soulful sepulcher said...

What pretty flowers, and wow Richie sounds like a fabulous chef!

Have a good evening!

Herrad said...

Hi Stepany,

You should see the plants Richie got at the garden centre.

Our balcony and windows are going to be so pretty.

Richie is a great cook love his ravioli and his curries are great too and his cakes and ice creams are wonderful.

Shame you can't pop by for a taste.

Have a good afternoon and evening.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Well, you know I'm around, I can't shut up about your two little monkeys! Ha ha. I should record myself squealing with delight when I see your photos, in fact, I will do that this weekend and send you a sound bite, ha ha!

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the daily blogs. And I felt the same way at first, I wondered if anyone was reading? I started the blog to give myself a sense of structure to be honest. During the cold snowy Quebec winters, there isn't much to do, at least for me this year. So I figured, if I write a meaningful or fun post every day, that will be my "job" until I get to PEI and go back to school. It has become so much more! Look at the fantastic blogger community we have and all the nice people we chat with! It has been a blessing, has changed my life, my outlook from cynicism to loving everything around me, and has brought back many things, like my sense of humour, love for music, plus my confidence level is through the roof!

I guess I don't need to kiss the Blarney Stone after this comment huh? Ha ha.

Take care and have a great day!

Ana said...

I cannot think too much about people reading or not. I also write in a language that is not mine and it has two good things: I have to write very directly without thinking if it's well written or not. It's not well written. lol
Sometimes I think it's a miracle people understand what I write.
I write at the blogger "create post" because it helps me make concious that for whom I'm writing.
If I do it on Word it becomes something different.
As always the flowers are great!

Libby said...

hi herrad! it sounds like a good morning for you! and i'm drooling at the thought of those smoothies you always are having!! i love those wildflowers!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you feel more comfortable in your blog-writing skin now. The all over the world communication hasn't lost its thrill for me either. I love to be able to drop in on India or Singapore. ~Mary

soulful sepulcher said...

Yes it would be wonderful to stop by and visit you both that's for sure! curries, cake, ravioli! ahhhh yum!

Have a good Saturday!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,

Its great to read how up you are and how ready for life's adventures.
The blog community is very good and has done wonders for me too.
It's great meeting so many lovely people.

Hi Ana,

Your writing is very clear, it is always a pleasure to read your blog.

But I know what you mean about writing in a second language.
Have that with Dutch which is my third.
I grew up speaking German and English.

Hi Libby ,

The smoothies are great can hear Richie making one now.
The ones with carrot are even sweeter.

Hi Mary,

I love writing everyday it's a good thing to do.
Real nice feeling myself relax and enjoy writing.
Love reading a variety of blogs and dropping in here and there.

Hi Stephany,

We are having a very slow and relaxed saturday.
It is mainly sunny with the occasional cloud bank swirling by.

Have a great saturdau everyone.